Monday, September 12, 2016


... was lovely...

I'd show you but I don't have one (even phone) picture of the whole weekend. But I don't want to forget

Friday~ it was super hot and terribly humid so after the girls were home (and I started tutoring on Friday) we stayed put in our air conditioning. I even moved Anna's horseback to another Friday because I knew the heat would be awful there. And with fall days coming soon it would make it so much more lovely up there.

Saturday ~ We celebrated Grandparents Day with a brunch for Scott's mom and my parents. I set the table pretty and there was so much food but I completely forgot to take a picture. UGH!

Sunday ~ After a thunder shower during Mass (the choir was back and amazing) the weather cooled and it was just so beautiful outside. We took them to Sweet Frog (make your own ice cream place) after church. A long bike ride now that both of my girls can ride in the afternoon. They did some reading and played 'restaurant'. Cutest thing ever! Please don't grow up girls! I worked on the dinner plans for the week and we rested.

Ready now for a full week of school. And my first full week of teaching (only 2 hours in the morning). The weather promises to be comfortable and seasonable for September. And although I'm not happy that the weekend is over I am expecting good things this week. It's such a wonderful time of year. The house is looking more and more cozy with all of the fall up. And soon we'll be wearing jeans and sweaters! Oh boy!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family too!

Oh!  And since I didn't take any pictures during this weekend... I'll have to put some pictures from in the summer I never got to.  This was a brunch I had for these friends (see this post back here) to celebrate back to school!






Happy new week!

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  1. Happy new week to you, dear friend!
    And have a wonderful week at school.
    Yay for cancelling things and enjoying the weekend!!!
    And. Those muffins though!


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