Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Weekending

Abigail is feeling much better, thank you for your kindness.  After a lot of this...


But apparently Bitty Baby was not feeling well on this Monday morning and needed to stay home. (today)



It was a lovely very fallish weekend in Connecticut. But first a bit from Friday.

Anna at breakfast (with a doll under her arm)


And me making lunches (3 bean salad, Parmesan crisps, raspberries and mango chunks, celery and cream cheese, power berries)


And this from Friday too. Her last (of this season) lesson. This horse is quite smitten with Anna and I think the feeling is quite mutual.


It was so peaceful and beautiful up there. I could have stayed forever. The rolling hills, the crisp weather, the horses... but on to weekending...


wore a fleece running = really crisp fall morning
early morning reading the bible and praying
setting my mind in the right direction
turning on all of the twinkle light around the house to make it feel cozy
apple picking and pulling abigail the whole time but cousins made it fun


girls playing playmobil farm for hours sitting on an old yellow and blue quilt
rearranging pumpkins
two more rooms of windows cleaned in and out ready to sparkle in the holidays
two more rooms of curtains down, washed, and rehung, it makes me happy
organized bitty baby clothes with abigail for fall, it's our seasonal tradition





scott and anna stopped at trader joes and came home with pumpkin EVERYTHING
date night at home
tea sipping (pumpkin herbal H&S)
early morning crisp fall air
lunches planning
dinner planning
applesauce making (new recipe I LOVE and I'll share this week)
cider sipping
homework for anna
coloring for abigail
doll house playing (there is nothing happier than the sound of doll house playing, and her little voice as she acts the people all out)
anna writing an english essay in her sunny room at her desk
multiplication fact practice
high school algebra math studying

It's one of my favorite weekends of the year.  Fall is here, but it's not over yet.  We are anxiously waiting for nature to do its magic in New England but none of it's over yet.  Everything is decorated and the house feels warm and cozy.  Yes, the best time of the year.  But then of course we'll look forward to Thanksgiving, first snow, Christmas, oh happy day...



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  1. Could this be my favorite post ever?!!
    You made me feel fall!!!!
    Does that make sense?!?!
    Love it!
    Love you!!!


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