Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Big First Day of School Post

(today was the 4th day of 4th grade Abigail told me this morning, so I'd better get this first day up)

The last of summer holding on

collage 18 19

It's hard to find the words for the first day of school.  Scott and I are super sappy about this day.  And we take school, raising these two beautiful daughters of ours, and every little thing in between very seriously.  But you already know that by now.  I didn't cry this year.  Really, I didn't.  I was just happy for these girls.  Overjoyed and happy for them.

Right out of the pan french toast and whipped butter with mangos on the side.


This is his 9th year writing a letter to his daughters on the first day. It was beautiful. And will be forever treasured by them, tucked away in their diaries.


She reads it slowly soaking in each word.


My eighth grader ready to go.


collage 5 6

Almost every year now this has happened unplanned. I feel like my heart is about to walk through that gate and off to school. I know (including Kindergarten) it's her 9th first day but I still try to grasp as much of her as I can. And just when I can't bear it any more, I take off my bracelet and put it on her. I don't know, so I can be with her. She didn't mind.



Her sister who is supposed to be eating breakfast runs out for one last hug.

collage 9 10

and the whole reason I begged Scott for this arbor back and white picked fence in 2001 when we moved in and were only 28 was for this!


I watched her walk all the way there


across the field


and even clicked on my telephoto lens and saw her walking in


Now is was time for this one

collage 15 16


saw some friends walking in


and this photo? Well this is whole reason I smiled all day long on that first day.

collage 21

This teacher, she could teach absolutely nothing all year and we'd all adore her. Someone pinch me. That we are blessed enough to have this lovely person in our lives for Abigail this year.


and that look in Abigail's eyes up there. It says it alllllll.


Exactly how I feel


A sweet flagpole, whole school ceremony and then she walked in with her class.

collage 24 26

and then the gate clicked open, I looked up from the sink and the day was over. Amen.

collage 27


  1. Tara,
    I adore this.
    I adore every sweet thing you and Scott do to create the beautiful, loving, inspirational childhood for your girls.
    Anna had a sparkle in her eyes!!! I saw it immediately.
    And sweet Abigail. She looked so happy!
    And you, my friend.
    You. Are. Stunning.
    Hugs and prayers and love for a wonderful school year for you all.

  2. Oh. I forgot.
    Will you pleeeease make me French toast someday?

  3. I love that Scott writes the girls a first day of school letter. I also love that you can see Anna walk to school every morning and what a dreamy hate to go through each day.
    I am with Billie Jo..will,you make me French toast of day??

  4. I can't believe Anna is in 8th grade! I LOVE her red dress - it is so classy and fun. And how Abigail ran out to give her one last hug!!! <3 I hope it is a great school year for all :) xoxo


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