Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Project with Anna and A Neighbor we Love

Scott and Anna worked on a project the last weekend before school started. Our yard always has a project waiting. Always.

I've shown pictures before of Anna walking to and from school through the arbor in our fence. Sometimes after it rains it takes soooo long for the ground to dry up back there. And on those days she walks out the front and down the sidewalk. Now, it's not that much of a difference in time for her but going out the back, through the arbor gives her an extra 10 minutes almost in the morning and it's much prettier.

So Scott decided to make a stone path out through the arbor and into the field (that connects our backyard to the middle school)

Here is the mess it looked like before. (I hate to even show you)


In the summer the ground is so dry, the soil cracks.



They started by painting on the ground where they wanted the path to be


And then they put down weed preventive


Now of course, in the next couple of days there was the last day of summer vacation (wanted to be with them), the Back to School Blessing Dinner (busy), and the first day of school (exhausted) so I don't have any after pictures.

Unless you count these:


collage 9 10

collage 27

And since those pictures don't really show you how pretty it looks leading up to the arbor, I have these.

I took them one evening when Abigail was playing with a toddler in our neighborhood. (but they show the path too)

They are the sweetest, new, young, makes me remember to lovely days with a baby on my hip, family. I photographed them back here for her first birthday.

Well, every night in the summer, after that sweet baby girl had her dinner, and before her bath, they walked to the 'field' and Abigail spotting her would run out, down the arbor path to play.


I love the little curvy~ness they put into it (and yes, we have some major landscaping to do back there. But baby steps, one project at a time.

collage 11 12

These two, pretty much adore each other





So pleased with this sweet way Anna goes to school. (and comes home) Oh, and it makes a lovely crunchy, peaceful sound when you walk on it.



  1. I adore that arbor and the whimsy it adds to your home!! I can't think of anything more magical than watching your girls walk to and from school each day, can you imagine the memories years from now!? I would love that view!!

  2. Beautiful!! I love how it turned out!!