Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Is Here

Cuppa apple crisp tea, Little Bear, Bronchitis and Pneumonia.


The tea is mine. The bronchitis and pneumonia, that's Abigail.

But Little Bear is our 'when you're sick' show, always will be, no matter how old they get. And cuddles, meds, and doctors orders of time on the couch will make things all better in the world again.

I want to be that mother bear when I grow up.

There was no school, no Irish dance, no group viola class until she is checked again next Thursday... but fall has started and we will take her apple picking (we'll just have to pull her around in the red wagon)

I love my baby girl and I love nursing my babies back to health when they are not feeling their best. My best mothering comes out of days like these. Of course I wish they weren't sick but I so love being 'that kind of mama for a few days that gets to dote on them. Just love it!

I make a get better tray with tissues, the meds, hand sanitizer, special lotions... I check fevers, and keep hair out of sneezes way, I read stories, and do puzzles.  Oh, it's the good stuff.  As long as I know my girls are going to get better I can hunker down and love every single minute.


  1. Happy Fall and hoping Abigail is feeling better for your apple picking trip!!!

  2. Oh no! Hope she feels better soon!!

  3. I sure hope she feels better soon, poor girl. And Little Bear. Love love love that show :)