Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Day After Thanksgiving

Instead of sleeping late on Friday we got up at the crack of dark and headed to the hospital. Abigail was scheduled for an endoscopy to review the progress of the meds she has been on and to see just what is going on inside her.


 I've said it before and I'll say it a lot more, it's routine for us. Needles, IV, sedation... but it's never easy. It just plain exhausting. When we get home that day I have such a wipe out feeling that's hard to describe.

She stresses forever the night before about what "friend" she wants to bring the next morning.  I loved this time how when I went to carry her to the car in the morning. (she usually stays asleep for the ride to the hospital) she said half asleep... "do you have Twinkles and Black Bear?"  And then went back to sleep on my shoulder.


 But... Gloria, our favorite IV nurse was there with a huge smile on her face. And Maureen was there for all of her prep care.


 We had the 'good' anesthesiologist (the one that looks like for sure he's a grandpa), and the cutest young Chinese post op care nurse. So it all went so well! ~ This time Abigail surprised us by not sleeping off the sedation for an hour like usual. By the time we got to Recovery she was already away in a very groggy, not making sense way. She kept trying to sit up and was rattling off all kinds of things that were crazy and not her. We had to keep telling her to lay down and take a nap. She was so cute. She kept saying, okay, going under the blanket and then popping right back up. ~ We will find out on Tuesday the results of the biopsy so I'll fill you in then! I am so grateful for an amazing Children's Hospital in Hartford, the best internationally known pediatric gastroenterologist, (here too) and caring nurses!

Our 'we're back home' exhaustion picture.  



  1. Oh sweet girl...thinking of you and your mommy and daddy and sister...and glad you are home and finished and cozy. Enjoy your break in your Christmas house!

  2. Such a brave little thing.
    Prayers for all four of you...

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  4. Hope she's better now. Blessings to you and your family.


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