Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Is Coming

Around this time every year I'm excited about getting to take a photo of my girls for our Christmas card.  I thought I'd look back today and show you come cards from Christmas pasts.

We were married in 1996 but didn't send a photo card until Anna was home with us.  So here we go...

2004 (Age 18 months) 

This photo I took in our playroom with some lights and a sheet.


But on the inside of the card I also included this photo and a gushing letter about our new little family.  Back then I printed all of the photos, glued them to the front of a card and then inserted red ribbon through it all.

first moment

2005 (Age 2)

It was Thanksgiving Day and just before heading to my parents we took photos of Anna for our card because the weather was perfect for a Connecticut Christmas card. This was loooong before the days of photoshop for me... those are real snowflakes.


2006 (Age 3)

I took this at a nearby reserviour. I was pregnant with Abigail just a few months then and I remember wanting to get Anna's puppy "chester" in a Christmas card before a new little one. And I still adore this photo.  She has this framed on her dresser today.


2007 (Anna 4, Abigail 6 months)

My Dad snapped this as we arrived on Thanksgiving Day and there was just something about Anna's face there. Abigail's too.


2008 (Anna 5, Abigail 18 months) 

At the resivour. I had toddler Abigial sitting in a chair and Anna nealing next to her.


But then it snowed just a few days later so I snapped this in our backyard.  I love snow in a Christmas Card.


2009 (Anna 6, Abigail 2) 

Oh the strawberry curls.


2010 (Anna 7, Abigail 3)

Oh the smiles. That same resivour near our house... great for budding photographers.  I love Abigail's chicklet teeth and Anna's missing ones.

IMG_5211 - EDITED11-14

2011 (Anna 8, Abigail 4) 

At a local park. The leaves were still on the trees and yet the ground was covered in snow.

edited christmas card girls looking at each other

edited girls walking away

2012 (Anna 9, Abigail 5) 

Once again I had taken their photos in a park and loved them but then one day after school the field in my backyard looked like this so we ran out and yes, I plop them with tights and little patten leather shoes in the deep deep snow.  Up over their feet and yet they smile.

blog sized edited snow with overlay

blog sized edited walking away with sunflare

2013 (Anna 10, Abigail 6) 

This was taken at a seminary.  I loved the stone work and it worked out for my "make a joyful noise for the Lord" theme that year with their instruments.

blog sized Girls together cheek to cheek IMG_9455

This was the first 'unmatching' year.   They both had the same dress but a the last minute I loved the red velvet on Abigail and the contrast with Anna's dress.

vertical photo with splash of color

blog sized Abigail close up playing with bow in hair IMG_9699

For 2014 you'll just have to stay tuned... I have my 'idea', the clothes, and the location all set. But you know I never end up going with my first idea. And my this year I need some snow... major snow.


  1. One of my favorite things to do is going back though our old Christmas cards. Oh what I would do to have you come a take pictures of my kids..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. love this trip down memory lane!!
    i'm gonna do that too!:)
    can't wait to see this years idea!!
    and clothes...:)
    have a happy day tara


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