Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas In Boston (part 2) Tea at the Four Seasons

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On Saturday we had such a wonderful afternoon together.  I loved my time with my girls but mostly I loved the sweet surprise Scott gave us...

Tea at the Four Seasons

We left our hotel early so that we could walk around the Boston Public Gardens. It's so beautiful there. This one is blurry because it wasn't posed. I was trying to capture it before it was over. I love this photo!


Abigail wanted to get in on the cuddling




It was a beautiful day (and I love love love love Anna's happy face here)


but it sure was cold!


On our walk to the Boston Gardens it was very windy and I put a hat on Abigail. She's never had a problem with bundling up before but man, she did not want to wear that hat. (I think it is because I ran to a Janey and Jack store to buy the girls these flower headbands when Scott told me about tea at the Four Seasons) There were tears and she was just plain unhappy after that. When a sweet woman offered to take a picture with my camera I knew I wasn't going to get a real Abigail smile that is usually ear to ear. But a photo of my little family... yeah!


The park with its beautiful bridges was almost empty that pretty day. It was so great to have it all to ourselves! (Anna, I adore that coat on you)


After not wanting to wear a hat she settled for her crazy earmuffs!


Old trees and curved walkways make me happy!


We were here back in 2013


And anything that says 1837 too!


But it was time to cross the street to a tea house that overlooked the Boston Gardens... ready for this?


This place was amazing and I felt funny taking my camera out.  So I only took a few and then tucked it away.  We left our phones tucked away too so that we could soak in the moments.




There was one small sad moment for Abigail who couldn't eat the treats that were brought to the table. It is very rare that we will ever eat out because it is just too hard for her.  But it's only a moment.


But stirring her sugar stick into her pink tea seemed to do the trick. (along with all of the goodies I brought from home)


Georgetown cupcakes


This was one fancy tea!




And such a wonderful memory to store away forever!


We had a brisk walk back to our hotel and then hopped into the car to drive home.

It was short but it was more than lovely.  I love the city in the cold weather.  Crisp air, lights, romance and girls in pretty coats.  Boston, we'll be back!


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  1. What an amazing day! How lucky you are to live so close to such beautiful and historic places.
    I love all your beautiful pictures but the last one is just precious.


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