Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About Billie Jo

(~and her family)

10. There is always someone in the family wearing jammies and it doesn't matter what time of day it is. (and that's the way to live, I tell you!)

9. Their dog is more like a stuffed animal that cuddles than a barking dog. (is he really real? I want one!)

8. Flynn is just about the sweetest four year old on the planet. And did you know she takes out a toy or game by herself, plays it and puts it back? I was amazed!

7. Steve cooks... and I mean he really can make some mean scrambled eggs!

6. Madison is an makeup artist for fun in her spare time. Not that that beauty needs a lick of makeup but she really could be in Hollywood working with the stars!

5. Hunting is cool and sacred and a tradition. And I loved learning all about it.

4. Billie Jo makes her house look little the way she takes her pictures. I mean that hearth room... you know the one... her house really is wider than that. Don't worry... I gave her a lesson on how to stand back and frame those pictures bigger.

3. Okay, on that house note... it's cozy, it's clean beyond belief, it's inviting, and it is decorated beautifully. Billie Jo is the Queen of Cozy!

2. They sit and relax on the couch. Really! They sit and laugh and tell stories and remember old times. Every day. They cuddle under blankets and Steve rubs Billie Jo's feet... like all the time... it's so cute. No one disappears to their own room. They 'hang out' together. Yes, even the teens, they are always together. It's awesome and I'm bringing my whole family so they can teach us how to be like that because they are the opposite of high strung Scott and Tara.

1. Billie Jo is not really Billie Jo. She's really "BJ" And the whole town knows her and wants to have lunch with her and get together with her. But she's too busy raising and loving her beautiful family. She loves them and those that live under her roof are her world. ~ oh and I have to tell them BJ ~ she rocks out and dances and sings to pop songs in the car. Like really rocks out! It's something to see.

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"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. (A.A.Milne, Winnie the Pooh) 

~ I can't stop thinking about my weekend here. I will treasure it always like a little gift that I can keep opening. Her whole family is generous beyond belief. Scott and I are still talking about how wonderful they were to me. ~ Billie Jo, Steve, Madison, Peyton, Rhett and Flynn thank you oh so much for opening up your home to me, your family to me, your hearts to me. We are life long friends. xoxoxoxo


  1. I'm thrilled you had this experience! I prayed for your safety. So you must follow up on how you got yourself out of that jam...forgetting your wallet. May you treasure these warm and amazing moments forever!

  2. You know we all miss you like crazy, right?

    Your spot on the sofa is empty...

    Get back here!

    And thanks for the love. : )

  3. So sweet! Glad you were all able to meet in person :-)


  4. I forgot to mention...the image of BJ rocking out! LOVE. And how cute and adorable was the image of her beloved constantly rubbing her feet. :)

  5. So sweet...I am so happy you had a wonderful visit!
    Two sweet blogging friends of mine!

  6. how awesome for you guys!!
    and you know i'm jealous!
    next time a party of 3 k??:)