Friday, November 14, 2014



"New England in the fall... well it's just paradise..." 


I have from scratch macaroni and cheese in the oven and plans of sliding a cranberry crisp in right after.  The chores are done and there is no homework.  I have a photo session with a sweet family tomorrow that wants to brave the 40 degree temps and not much else on the calendar.  We'll go to Mass together and I'll teach church school second grade.  If I'm not wearing my clicking heals at Mass with a pencil skirt I'll either be in my cozy clothes or jammies for sure.

It gets dark early here now and I love it in the beginning of the holiday season.  Come March I'll be wishing for warmer days and more light, longer but for now I like a fire, and extra sweater, my slippers, and lamps. I love lamps and clicking them on all around my house in the early afternoon.





I've got a hankering for setting this up this weekend so that I can wrap as I go.  And just setting it up makes me happy.  Of course there is a "certain" wrapping paper and bows that are hidden behind lock and key.  But it's bought and that makes me happy too.

(in the playroom) 

Just the beginning of the season is the best, right?  All the joy ahead, none of the stress.  The magic awaiting, the UPS arriving daily at my door with 'brown paper packages tied up with string'...


Wishing you all a cozy, November weekend.  Full of good food, laughter, memories, and fun.



  1. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    To all of it...
    Just yes.
    And tell me more about this cranberry crisp...please!

  2. Have a wonderful fall weekend!! Cranberry crisp...yum! I have a bag of fresh cranberries in my fridge right now.

  3. clickin on all my lamps is one of my favorite parts of the day too!!:)
    love this not yet sooo full holiday time too.
    have a happy day tara

    i spy a katie daisy on the wall...

  4. The photo of the violins on the wall...that one is my favorite! And I, too, love the clicking sound. Happy fall!