Monday, March 10, 2014

Good Things

I'm glad it's Monday. Really glad. A day of to dos and a time schedule to follow. Activities and dinner prep, cleaning and laundry. Normal has never felt so good! I was so down in the dumps when I wrote my last post I forgot to tell you the good things about her Endoscopy day. And they are...

10. They almost literally roll out the red carpet for us at this children's hospital. Everyone knows us and that feels good.

9. We got Dr. Epstein... the best anaesthesiologist. Although by now we are on a first name basis with him. Abigail calls him Mike. I keep correcting her and telling her to call him at least Dr. Mike.

8. She was sooo brave. Although she doesn't have to be she is. Not a tear this time with her IV going in.


7. She old enough to understand and I can talk her through it; not like when she was a baby.

6. We had the 6:30 am time frame and we were first... that's always good since she hasn't eaten since dinner the night before.

5. We had Eileen the nurse for recovery. She's sweet and lets Abigail sleep as long as she wants to wake up in recovery.

4. Nurse Eileen gave her an hallmark read along book and stuffed bunny named 'abigail'. She already had it but waking up she didn't know what was going on and though it was ammmmmazing!

3. Daddy made it in time to be the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes as always.


2. And this nurse... our absolute favorite... I gasped when she walked in and told us she was assigned to us for the IV. She's the best ever. Abigail actually asked me to take a picture of the two of them together.  She covers Abigail with a warmed blanket and puts the numbing cream on her IV arm without the band aid that hurts when it's peeled off.  She covers it with gauze and then a washcloth so Abigail doesn't have to look at it.


1. And the best part is that for now... it's over!


  1. I'm happy that you and your sweetie are so loved there...
    And that it makes the hard day a bit easier...

    Hope the "normalcy" of today was just what your sweet soul needs. : )

  2. leave it to you to find all the good!!!:)
    and that was quite a list right?
    getting good loving care in those moments makes all the difference doesn't it?
    have a happy normal tuesday!:)