Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas In Boston (part one)


I am a 'Christmas in New York City' girl.  I really am.  I don't think there's anything more romantic and dreamy than being in NYC with my family at Christmastime.  But when I found out that Scott would be in Boston for an education conference we took full advantage.  I mean we do really enjoy Boston but it's no NYC at Christmastime.

Of the hotel we could never have afforded on our own right there in Copley Plaza.

So he was there during the week and I drove up with the girls when they got of of school on Friday.

Hey, after this trip I can drive anywhere!

I love the look of this little traveler.

2 collage

And how they loved the hot apple cider in the lobby.

3 collage

Oh and how they loved the huge chandelier above them.

4 collage

That first night they were so happy to see daddy and to swim in the pool.




That would have been wonderful enough for my girls... seeing daddy, swimming, sleeping in a hotel together. But while Scott was at his last conferences the next day we did a little window shopping.



Abigail was mesmerized by this window... of the man and the lady picking out their wedding rings.  I told her someday she'd be at Tiffany picking out one... but not for a long, long, long, long time.

9 collage

Love this one! (see, even Boston agrees that there's nothing like Christmas in New York)

11 collage


It was a super fun morning with my girls. We stopped for a bite to eat whenever we pleased, went back to our room whenever we felt like it... and then Scott surprised us that afternoon... stay tuned!

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