Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Girl

This girl with a banged up esophagus, medicines, hospital stays, furrows, allergies, and such.. we love her so! And we are so grateful for the twinkle in her eyes that God gave her. And her genuine love for others... all others. She never hesitates to give her whole heart to other kids, teachers, adults. She hugs like no one I know and can not survive a day without a full cuddle!

She's happy to have EoE, this digestive disease that is a part of her life. She knows that it makes her stronger, more empathetic and lots of times 'it's just no big deal'.

2 collage

Which is why Scott and I were beyond THRILLED to hear that Abigail won second place in the national EoE poster contest.


Design a poster with a title "Living With EoE" And she did. Living with EoE means smiling.

Abigail EE Poster Front-2

Even when you're in a hospital bed and about to be 'put to sleep' for a biopsy to be taken.

It means loving your doctor who wishes he could change the outcome of each endoscopy.

Today we had a 'planning' meeting with her gastroenterologist. No needles, no nurses, just making up a plan to try to get her off a medication that might be inhibiting her growth. (good idea.. she's wearing a size 4T dress and she's 7)

She gave her doctor a framed smaller copy of the poster and he loved it.

collage 1

The border is "Be Brave... Be Brave" all the way around. (inspired by her EoE theme song)

Rock on Abigail.  You are so brave and we have learned so very much from you!


  1. way to go abigail!!!
    brave twinkle in the eye girl for sure!!
    have a happy day

  2. Yay for Abigail!!!!!!
    It is wonderful.
    Brave, indeed. : )


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