Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There's Nothing Like Christmas in NYC ~part 1

Things to do in NYC at Christmas time:

One~ A carriage ride through Central Park; make sure you ask the driver if he'll go through near the skating rink and carousel. ~ Oh, ah, so romantic and a sweet thing to do with little girls.

This is not us in the carriage, but I loved the shot of the driver in the top hat pointing out parts of New York City.

horse 6

When we arrived we had a short walk to Central Park, and the girls were starving. They ate bagels on a bench and watched the horses and carriages go by.

horse 4

in their sparkling boots

horse 5

And then it was our turn!

horse 3

The girls were enchanted.

horse 7

And yes, we went by all of my favorites.

horse 8

horse 10

Such a lovely thing to do in New York City. It just feels like Christmas!

horse 9

I'm going to tuck this memory away and keep it forever!

horse new size

Thanks for the ride Smoky!

horse 1

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  1. Tara...how magical!
    i can really feel it!
    I hope we get to experience this some day!
    have a happy night tara...off to read parts 2 and 3!