Monday, July 15, 2013

Boston... Bit by Bit

We spent a week in Boston.  It wasn't a family vacation really.  But I guess in some ways it was.  See, we headed up to Boston to join Scott who had to be there for a week as a graduate student in Harvard.  It was just a one week class but boy oh boy was I proud of him.  I loved watching him walk across the Harvard campus on his way to class. 


It made me think really about how much things have changed in the past 9 years since Anna was ours.  We were always on the same path at the same time (education wise).  High school.. together, studying in college during the same years.  Our Masters degrees at the same time too when we were just married.  But this time was different. I was pushing the stroller, wearing the back back full of snacks, and filling our Boston days for our girls while he sat in Harvard classes.  Cool really.  I love where I am and what I'm doing.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  And even though sometimes it feels weird that we're in different worlds we're both meant to be doing just what we're doing and that makes me happy. 

So bit by bit I'll share our adventures in Boston.  This trip was great because it pushed me far, really really far out of my comfort zone.  As a Mommy traveling all over Boston alone with her girls, on the "T" (Boston's train system), and handling the issues that come with one daughter who can not "eat out" because of her food allergies.  It felt great to accomplish all that we did.  The girls and I were so close spending every moment together.  And that sometimes I'd argue is harder than even Harvard!

We stayed in Cambridge, just a short "T" ride to Harvard and downtown Boston.  We were so fortunate to have this home away from home complete with a kitchen and lots and lots of windows. 





We loved the park below!


On the first night we stayed in our area and just explored the MIT campus that we were in.  Anna loves eating out!


MIT... such cool building! 



It certainly was a week filled with love for amazing colleges and we kept filling the girls with "you can do anything... you can go anywhere" all week.


Okay... so MIT and Harvard are a long way off for you sweet girl... but one day!


And so when Monday morning came and Scott left before the girls were awake I was deciding how to fill our day.


It was our first day together in the city and for the first part I decided to fill it with easy, safe, and comfortable... bookstores!


The MIT bookstore was on our way to the T entrance every day. The first day we walked in, plopped ourselves down and just stayed a while!

So then we took the T for the first time up to Harvard. And there were even better bookstores there! Oh we could have stayed in this low ceiling, creaky floor, Harvard bookshop all day!


I had my eye on and my heart set on seeing this spot where this picture book took place. That was going to be the highlight of the trip for me!

Next stop... an afternoon in the Harvard Museum of Natural History.



And then a stroll through the Harvard campus. Oh this place was buzzing with cool!



Just pretending we fit in right here at Harvard!

A little snack break for us turned into feeling the birds.


You can almost taste the history here!



Harvard Square






Each day when we got back to our hotel we had a to wait a bit for Scott to finish up for the day. Often we would spend it in the little park we could see from our window. It was home to the cutest little mommy and baby bunny. We called them "city bunnies" since they were not afraid of us at all!


See that baby bunny so close? 

Abigail would get as close as she could to the baby bunny and Anna would read.

I think that's her concentrating face. 

Man, we had so much fun and that was just the first day!

Harvard girl! 


  1. Loved tis, Tara...thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of a place I have never seen! I am so glad you got to spend such precious moments with your babies and evenings with Daddy too!

    Please tell Anna I share her love of books and reading!

    Have a great Monday, friend! : )

  2. what an awesome time you had together! and yes...I would agree...harder then Harvard any day!:)

    love those mit buildings. how amazing! and hwo knows, you may be showing the girls these pics when they get their acceptance letters!:)

    book stores, museum and brave bunnies...good stuff!:)

    residence inn? I recognize that jar of candy on the table!:)

    have a happy day tara