Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Place to Dream and a Place for Knowledge

Bedrooms are a sanctuary to souls. I've always believed that my daughter's bedrooms were their own place to escape into their dream worlds. Each of their bedrooms are decorated so differently - both with antiques and a touch of their mama's love for vintage style, but each their own space. They both have a bookcase that holds their 'very favorites' - too favorite to even go on our chapter book library in the playroom. I bought them the same cream iron beds when they were each old enough to leave the crib. I wanted consistency in our upstairs. And I still love that part.

annas room 4

This summer Anna is taking a class through Boston College. She's a junior but after all of that 'distance learning' she really wanted to continue to stretch and grow her mind this summer. We looked into all of the options and BC had the best program for summer enrichment. She's taking a psychology class and has been fascinated by what she is learning. It's a wonderful introduction and goes into depth looking at what a psychologist can do - from working with patients, to research, etc. Of course it's all on line. She 'attends' lectures and there are live 'workshops' where she is working in a small group with students across the country.

I love when she fills us in on what she is learning. Yesterday it was all about memory and how really (I'm putting this simply) we're only remembering the memory, not the actual event. She's filled our home with so much wisdom through what she is learning.

annas room 1

When 'distance learning' (the school year) ended I wanted to do a deep clean of her bedroom before this class started. She has spent so much time in this room especially when it's time for a live lecture to begin. And I wanted to take a few pictures to 'remember' the memory of what her room looked like - like a snapshot frozen in time.

annas room 5

Anna is a deep thinker - a dreamer for sure. She's filled countless diaries at that writing desk. She started writing in a diary when she was 7 years old and I taught her how to write down her experiences, her feelings, her memories. She also writes chapter books - huge, long chapter books right there in that room. I love that this small space, this bedroom is a place where all of that can happen for her. I love what God is doing - what He is fashioning - what He is creating through our daughter Anna.

annas room 2

annas room 6

annas room 3

annas room 7

I'm so proud of Anna and her love of knowledge - she's been a wonderful person to be around this summer. I just love my time with her. ❤

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