Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Out My Window

If I could I would carry around my camera all day long.  Drive through my town and photograph all of the spring beauty around me.  I pass houses with white picket fenses and tulips lining up in front of them.  I see weeping cherry trees and green buds on the maples in my own back yard.  Parks seem to have come alive and it's just so breathtaking beautiful everywhere I go.

Out my own bedroom window is a tree that belongs to my 95 year old neighbor.   Addie lives alone. And she is sweet and oh so kind especially to my girls.   (a little about her back here)


And this is her tree.  I love it.  There is no filter on this picture.  It's straight out of the camera.  It has enough beauty of its own.


  1. That is such a beautiful tree, and one, I'm sure, that brings delight to everyone on the block!


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