Thursday, January 14, 2016

The little Christmas Card Photo Shoot

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Anna left me a note on my pillow the night we had the photo shoot for our Christmas Card.  It said, "the photo shoot was fun".  She writes me notes and puts them on my pillow a lot but there has never been one thanking me for a photo shoot.  Ever.  I knew right away why.  I was so laid back about it.  There was no huffy mommy voice, no yelling, no stress at all.


This year I wasn't really "into it".  I mean last year I had a grand plan.  There was a reindeer in our backyard field. Ok, a reindeer in my head filled with ideas for a grand card.  This year, no grand ideas.

I went online and got Anna the perfect Christmas dress.  I (we) just loved it.  Little girl but growing up kind of dress.  And I knew I wanted Abigail to wear the light blue long, old fashioned coat.  But that's about it.

I found Anna her linen jacket at April Cornell.  She loved the vintage look and I loved the way it looked with her dress.  So the clothes were all set.

I was pretty sure we'd use this location (a little on the side of the road gem) that we found this past fall.  (back here)  And then last minute I grabbed the lantern and candle thinking of a few Bible verses that came to mind about light.

When we got "on location" we found that my plan had to quickly change.  The river had flooded the pretty path.  (right here where the fall kiss picture took place)

And we were running out of time.  I had timed the photos to be taken at dusk.  Not dark but not quite bright daylight due to the lantern light.

So quickly Scott and I sprang into action.  We climbed down hills, jumped over streams, across rocks.  We carried matches to light the candles, lanterns, a tripod, little girls (thanks Scott) and my heals.



Last minute as we were about to leave the house for this little outing I told Scott that we should be in the photo just this year since it was our 20th.  He ran up to change and I changed into my Christmas dress.  I threw my heals into a bag and told Anna at the very last second to "grab the mistletoe that is hanging over mommy and daddy's bed"  She did!


And there we were.


I thought, 'there is no way this photo session is going to work.'  So I laughed at the comedy of it all.  It was so funny.




Especially Scott running to set the timer and get in this photo (and lock lips) just as the camera went click.

edited kiss keep distance and composition

Anna held the mistletoe and Abigail gasped with her hands over her cheeks (both undirected)

edited walking away keep distance

And that's why I think it was the most fun Christmas Card photo session we've ever done.

edited inside right side don't crop keep girls little

Here's how it turned out.


Inside 1


And the most beautiful letter about our card this year was from our 95 year old next door neighbor.


"Dear Tara and Scott, Thanks so much for the charming photos of the girls. Each, in her own way is beautiuful. And with or without candle or lantern, they light up everything around them, including my life. Love and Happy New Year! Addie PS. Congratulations on your 20th."

~the end~


  1. Gorgeous photos and wonderful memories! I love the water running around the girls,so pretty and the sweet, sweet note from your neighbor! :)

  2. I loved your Christmas card.....just beautiful.! I am sure it was hard to pick a favorite.
    Such a sweet note from your neighbor.
    Happy weekend friend!❤️


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