Monday, April 4, 2016

Judy Garland ~ And Just When I Thought it Would Never Happen

I am a lover of vintage.  Classics.  Romantic linens.  Dishes that say Wedgewood on the back.  I love Frank Sinatra.  Floral patterns.  Classic books.

And Judy Garland.

No, I'm not one of those crazy Wizard of Oz fans.  I never ever really liked that movie.  I'm glad for it of course because it launched Judy Garland into stardom.  If not for the Wizard of Oz there wouldn't have been a whole string of movies with her name right below the title. (my Grandpa loved her movies too)

My daughters share my love for pretty things.  Her vintage desk that was a 'perfect fit' for her.  Her vintage Easter dress.  Things like that.  But they kinda laugh at my Frank Sinatra music.  That's okay.

I always hoped that one day we'd enjoy the old classic Judy Garland/Fred Astaire movies together.  But I wasn't so sure.

This Easter I had The Easter Parade on in the background as we were getting ready to leave for our Easter dinner.  I was sitting and watching it a bit.  I had asked the girls earlier if they wanted to watch it with me.  But their fun in the Easter baskets was no match for long romantic ballads and tap dancing.

When it was almost over I turned around and saw them in doorway, silently watching it.  And I saw that sparkle in their eyes.  They stood their the whole time watching the end of the movie.

Hooked! They asked to bring it in the car to watch it on the way to Easter dinner. This time from the beginning. Best background Easter movie ever!

So this weekend when Scott was away took out my little Judy Garland collection. We cuddled on the couch and watched In the Good Old Summertime

Now if you like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in 'You've Got Mail'... it was totally taken from 'In the Good Old Summertime' Except Meg and Tom doen't hold a candle to the talent in this movie. The 'Shop Around the Corner' is a music store. And instead of email correspondence, it's letters. Same concept... but way better.

Get it, you'll love it. My girls were on the edge of their seats with the idea they were pen pals without knowing it was the person they disliked from the 'Shop Around the Corner'. They were giggling...
"why doesn't he just tell her?"  And the desk that Judy Garland sits at to write her letters is Anna's desk, just a different color.  She squealed out loud when she saw that.  (and that night I found her cleaning up her desk before bedtime)

I was so happy to share a really good movie with my girls.  And with only one (really good) kiss at the very end they are clean.  Can't get that now adays.  (Why did that Tom Hanks character have to 'live with' (YUCK!) that girl?  And why did that Meg Ryan character have to 'live with' that guy?  Why does Hollywood these days have to have unmarried couples living together?  Is it REALLY necessary?  Yuck!  I can't wait for this weekend and another. There is nothing like an old classic movie!
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