Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Update on Abigail


Abigail started a new medication. After seeing her EoE doctor we were all concerned about her lack of weight gain. She is currently less that the zero percentile for weight. Her height is soaring between the zero and 1st percentile. Genes? Yes. I'm only 5 feet, one inch tall.

In order for her weight to pick up and with our concerns for her increased pain and discomfort, her EoE doctor suggested a medication that is given at night.

So along with two other meds in the evening, we've added a third.

Her appetite has increased dramatically. She actually eats more than one bite at breakfast. Enough to make this mama's heart soar.

She's complaining less about her discomfort and EoE pain. (it was explained to us that this new med helps to disengage the triggers from the stomach to the brain that make her feel nauseous with every bite, and the burning that can occur at the end of a meal)

But oh the side effects. She's just not herself. It takes me forever to wake her in the morning and she's tired all the time. She cries at the drop of a hat. And she's sad at everything.

Scott and I promised ourselves that we'd give it a month to see if her body can begin to regulate the medication. Possibly the side effects would 'work themselves out'.


Praying for a cure. Always.


  1. This breaks my heart!! I really hope everything works out for her sake and yours.

  2. Skewer Abigail.. Praying for you. Praying for you as well Tara.❤️

  3. Praying for her.....hugs to you momma.... it's never easy watching our children suffer :-(