Monday, April 11, 2016

How We Start Vacation

We are home this week.  Oh boy.  That's a happy sentence.  Home.

When the teacher clothes were changed into comfy mommy clothes it felt so wonderful.  Especially since we had so much rain last week and I was swishing around in puddles between schools.  


On Friday we were all so tired but wanted to start off our vacation with a ready playroom.  So we all pitched in and cleaned, rearranged, and got things ready to play.


Feels so good to start with a clean fresh start.

Vacuumed the corners and behind everything.


Switched out some toys from our closet we call "feels like new".




Brought books they had finished throughout the week and added them in to our chapter book library.







The girls and I tidied their rooms and got a good night sleep.

In the morning we all filled out a little questionnaire that I made up. Without sharing with anyone we all wrote...

Something I'd like to play on vacation

Something I'd like to do outside of our house on vacation

A letter I'd like to write on vacation

Something I'd like to get done on vacation

A routine I'd like to keep up on vacation

Something that would make my vacation nice would be

We all wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. And then Sunday after Mass we shared and compiled it into one family list. Some of my favorites were those that overlapped. Scott wrote "go for a family hike in a spot we've never been to before" and Abigail wrote "go for a walk in a pretty place and have a picnic. I can't think of that word for a walk outside in a pretty place."


There really were lots of wonderful ideas. Some easy, like "read in mommy and daddys bed at night" and some more complicated. There were many that were cozy and at home, and some little adventures too.


Sometimes when vacation weeks end we all say, "gee, I wish we all played more family games" (or something like that) This was my way to make sure that we all got a little something wonderful in this time off together.

Happy April vacation everyone!


  1. So far, it sounds like a great plan. Hope y'all are enjoying yourselves!

  2. What a great idea having everyone write down what they would like to do, I might have to borrow this idea for Summer!!! Oh how I can't wait for Summer to be here to all be home again :) Hope your family had an amazing week off together, looking forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Have a happy week with your sweet family!!!!


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