Monday, April 18, 2016

Well, Hello There New Week

hello there

It's a good thing it's a beautiful sunny morning.

One where the light floods into our bedroom window...

(all spring cleaned, curtains washed, ironed, starched and hanging again... ahhh)

making little dappled light spots all pretty on the floor.


It's a good thing it's going to be up to 76 degrees this afternoon.  Because all of these things make it possible for me to smile instead of cry saying goodbye to my three loves before school this morning.

abigail 2

It's good to go back after April vacation, really.  I think it's way easier than going back after the Christmas vacation week.  This one is feels like just a short burst til the end.

Bubbles Abigail collage

bubbles Anna collage

And the weather, the glorious spring weather that has come to Connecticut puts me right in a good mood.

last night


And we're good at what we do.  We were chatting last night at dinner time.  About how we are good at school (all four of us) (some teaching, some learning) and we're good at the coming home part too.
Anna's oh so good in school (the learning part) and Abigail is oh so good at blessing the people she's with during the day.  Scott is the most calm and patient, effective, child-centered principal, and I'm good with a 'wee bit' of teaching reading and then way better at after school snacks, cooking dinner, making our house pretty, laundry, and the loving on the girls when they're home.

In every job that must be done, 
there is an element of fun
You find the fun, and the jobs a game
~PL Travers, Mary Poppins 

So off we go into the last seven weeks of school.

I had to dig out my water bottle last night.  I'm sure going to miss my all day long, never empty, cup after cuppa tea.  And the in the pretty cups too.  Oh, is it 4:00 afternoon tea time yet?


Last night I wrote during my Bible time

I loved watching Judy Garland with my girls - finding old books (old treasures), opening my eyes and having the time to see the beauty in my home. Eating Scott's good cooking and doing tons of laundry - deep cleaning our bedroom and reading Susan Branch's new book cover to cover.  It was enchanting.  Thank you Lord for this time the sunshine in my heart, love all around me and for my twelve year old's zippy, happy "let's go back to the real deal" attitude 

I'm happy to be headed back to my own little school to teach reading but I sure will miss these people I adore around me all week.

last night 2

Scott and I celebrated our 26th "going out anniversary" during April vacation week too. (more on that later because I've got to tell the story of us someday here on this blog of mine... it's so so good with God's fingerprints all over it)

scott and I

So grateful for blooms and springness all around me

spring yard 2

Just beautiful everywhere I look

spring yard

"And spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the spirit of love felt
And each flower and herb on
Earth's dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest."
~Percy Bysshe Shelley


  1. Sigh.
    Your life and love of it...simply beautiful.
    I keep a journal like that too!
    How did I not know that about you?
    Love your fam.
    And spring in your part of the world is lovely.

  2. Yes, I want to hear the story of you and Scott!


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