Friday, April 22, 2016

The 23rd and the 24th

April 23 and April 24 have nothing on the calendar.  Zero.  I am giddy about an wide open weekend.  Most of ours are wide open (with the exception of course for Mass) but I still love it anyway.   (I know I'm the only one that still uses a paper calendar on my desk... a big Susan Branch blotter one... with a pencil)


I stopped a the store on the way home from picking up the girls yesterday and bought a new pad.  I sat with post its, lists on my phone, and list in my head.  It felt soooo good to write it all out.  All of the things that must be done with a deadline and all of the things I'd like to get to some time.  I'm a list and relist maker.  


Our house is ready (not all the way spring cleaned but most of it) for a relaxing or list doing weekend.
I can not wait!

We've been tackling one room (or two small ones) per weekend for a deep clean.  I plan on slowly working our way through our house getting it all ready for summer.  And then I'll start again in the fall.  Sometimes I have to finish up little tasks that can't be done during the weekend when we deep clean.



I love ironing.  My grandmother loved ironing.  I'm so glad she passed that one to me.  It's a household task that feels so relaxing and satisfying to me.  I don't mind it at all.  My favorite time to iron is in the late afternoon.  When the girls are home.  And I'm 'home for the night', no programs/activities to drive them to.  I like when Abigail is on my bed reading.  (so I can pass on how lovely ironing can be when she has her own house someday)  In the spring I love to have the windows open if it's warm enough.  And to listen to the birds.  The best is when dinner is done and just simmering on the stove.  I iron, Anna's doing homework just down the hall in her room, and Abigail is reading right next to me.  We wait for the familiar sound of the garage door opening because that means daddy is home.



Happy last weekend in April friends.  Home and cozy or out and about make it a happy one!


  1. Even your ironing board cover is lovely, Tara.
    Enjoy your cozy weekend.

  2. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! We are (or I should say David is) working on a new home improvement project. So excited for it to be completed :)


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