Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Bathroom

We have a small teeny bathroom off of our kitchen.  Although it's little it sure is used a lot.  (oh that sink a million times a day)  It's habit for the girls to stop there anytime they walk in the door.  From school, from church, from swimming, from viola, from Irish dance, anything to wash their hands.

Our house was built in 1953.  'New' to us since the house we moved into after our honeymoon was built in 1932.  This house has charm and so much that I love about the fact that it is old.  But this bathroom needed a redo.  The sink was original and was beginning to rust.

Scott is very handy and took on the project himself.

We found a sweet pedestal sink on line.  And it was delivered to our front steps.  I was so happy when I saw this!


Scott not so much!


Not as simple of a job as you can imagine. He thought knock out the old one, build a wall since it's less wall space, attach the new one, redo the plumbing, paint, and done.


But the new pedestal wasn't quite right and had to go back. We waited for a new one to come. And getting everything just right was so time consuming.

Once the new one came it was time to rip off the old sink and start to work on the hole in the wall.


Building a new wall since the new sink is smaller.


And then the plumbing started.


After a few weeks of working nights and weekends it was done. So so pretty.




Updated without being modern. Kind of romantic. Just me.


The sink is a smaller bowl. Much better for this room. I just love it!


And I was so happy to 'move back in' to the wee little shelf.



Shutters back on the window and that curtain I sewed that still works beautifully.


A new print on the wall. (love the Chinese writing and lanterns but still my style of light, bright, and romantic)


It took me forever to find a sweet tissue box cover that wasn't a 'clunker'. So I left it like this for a quite a while.


Until I found this.


Laura Ashley fabric.



One more room done.  Sometimes we look at ourselves and say, "will we ever be done?" and then remind each other how we really do like to change, rearrange, redo, update, and above all make this house our home.  Even if it's over and over and over again.


  1. What a beautiful color!! I love the new bathroom, it's always so fun when it's all done ;)

  2. What a perfectly petite sink for that bathroom! Perfect!

  3. Your powder room makeover looks beautiful, Tara <3

  4. I love your new bathroom. What is the color? And the tissue holder is perfect for the room. Oh you are so Laura Ashley. I think I might have kept laura Ashley in business during high school with my skirts and dresses.

  5. The pedestal basin is a nice addition. I think bathroom renovations are always so rewarding. That may be because you are pushed to find creative ways to bring about effective changes in such a small space. It may also be because when you enter that room, you want to be relaxed. Good decor adds to that feeling in a remarkable way.

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing


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