Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wednesday Dinner

I ironed an April Cornell.


I took out my spring china and starched linen napkins crisp.


Polished the little sterling forks.

Moved the flowers from the dining room onto the kitchen table.

And all of a sudden Wednesday was special.

Sure there were backpacks, school binders, and lunchboxes waiting to be filled.

Laundry spun in the washer, and the dryer was begging to be emptied.

But we stopped and we gave thanks.


Even if one teeny, tiny part of our kitchen was not in chaos we could have beauty. And calm. And two sweet little surprises.



My little family will always get my best, not 'the rest' of my day. Always. (I say that here because to be honest it's a daily pull, but it's what I believe and strive for)

Because I adore each of them.

We ate a very simple meal. I made the meatballs and sauce on the weekend. Scott grilled the rolls in special olive oil. Added a bit of fresh basil... yum!



"Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two" Matthew 5:41 Let's face it, we have to be mothers, and we have to do the duties. That's the first mile of our job assignment from God. So... why not go the extra mile and make everything you do special? Why not turn the mundane into a celebration?  (those are the questions I heard in my heart on Wednesday morning in my Bible time when I stumbled upon that verse)


  1. I love nights like this. Nights where even for a short time you can forget everything going on and just enjoy being together.


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