Thursday, April 14, 2016

Little Things

I thought of calling this one "Time For... " again. But then I thought you'd be bored. But I'm sure you already are. Bored bored bored. But I love this week. And am holding on to every single second of it. Most of the time the girls know that I take a lot of pictures. They know I'm always capturing life. But sometimes they ask, "why are you taking a picture of this? I do this every day?" Exactly girls. Everyday is what I want to remember.





Spring in my living room


Just woken up letter writing


A pretty desk, a teacup with colorful little pens, her own stamps, an assortment of stationary, people she loves to write to... who needs technology?


Morning braids


I will forever try to capture what I feel and what I hear when Anna plays her viola. I've never gotten it. Not in eight years. Never. When I video the sound I hear it's not even close. When I point my lens at her I miss the beauty. I suppose it's just something you have to see and hear for yourself. But I keep trying.


Starting a new book


Prettiness in the bathroom... gee when I teach I miss the best light.


Oh, and this I thought I show you... for Anna's raw and rough hands from over washing. Starting to work... I love Bath and Body foaming scented soap in this bathroom but for now I've go to help out her hands.


We haven't done anything super exciting this week. Abigail has a bad cold and has had a fever on and off. It's the perfect week to just enjoy being home. Going no where makes the week go slooooooowwwwww. Which of course I love. Slow slow slow


  1. Slow is good.
    Hope your babe feels better.
    TLC at home is the best medicine.

  2. LOVE it all. And Abigail's hair oh my darling! Don't youmjstmlove free days with nothing to do but be at home. Enjoy tour time with your sweet family.

  3. Letter writing is a lost art I tell you! Good for your girls and good for you to keep encouraging it by filling up their supplies :)