Monday, April 25, 2016

Field Trip

Last Thursday Anna went to Chinatown in New York City.

(all phone pics... sorry)




I don't get nervous about things like that.  But when her great big bus pulled away and I saw it from my kitchen window my heart started missing her.  It was just a couple of extra hours longer than a school day but oh man did I miss her / was excited for her/ missed her.


But it ended up being fun because we were texting all day long.  I loved being connected with her and getting the minute by minute details.  Like these.






At the end of the day we all walked to her school to pick her up.

Abigail had to go in the school to use the bathroom and Scott stayed out front where all of the parents were waiting. Of course she didn't have to go and then we ended up going out the wrong door on the other side of the school. (and saw the buses coming down the road) So we ran so fast! Because I HAD to be there in front of that school.

(Abigail running down the hallway)

Love Abigail's arms open wide here.


"There's no place like home." L Frank Braum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


And that hug was sure worth it! What a sweet night walking home was. Warm for April, getting dark, just the four of us, hearing all of the details.


And all of that fun made Scott and I remember our middle school field trip to NYC. Mine is of course all in an album ... I'll bet Scott didn't even take pictures! Ha!



I don't think a day goes by that I don't think about 'when she was a baby' days. Just this weekend Anna told me story I had long since forgotten. One that I surely wouldn't have ever remembered if she hadn't told me.

"mommy, remember when we went to the mall before Abigail was born and you let me pick one of those chocolate lady bugs from the Godivia store?"

(me... picturing a little three and a half year old Anna, hand in mine, bow certainly in her hair, beautiful little toddler right there with me)

"Yes, I remember now. I loved days like that. Walking around, looking at things. The highlight of the day was watching you pick out just the one special chocolate you wanted at that fancy chocolate store."

 Good thing and so glad she has just deep memories.

"One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is to have a happy childhood." Agatha Christie.


  1. Love love love love love!!!!!
    Love how she how you texted her...
    Love how she shared her day with how she came back to your arms.
    Where she is meant to be!!!!
    Growing away from the baby dats is brutal...
    But I and fun times await!!!!
    Love and miss you!!!!!

  2. Love reading your text. What did our parents do without cell phones? I don't like those out of town field trips either. I am a little jealous that you live so close to New Your City.. I know I will get there someday soon again!

  3. What a big girl! And what precious messages :) I am always nervous when they are away like that. It's hard to see them growing up and becoming independent. Yet, that is what this title of mom is all about, isn't it. Glad she enjoyed herself!


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