Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Weather


When I get home from teaching I change.  Sometimes (on my happiest days) I change into really comfy clothes.  Clothes to clean, do laundry, make dinner, be with my girls.  Some days I have to leave the house again so I have to change into casual but in the public clothes.  (leggings or jeans and a sweater).  Today I have to leave the house again.

On the left is my Easter pedicure.  On the right is my 'still holding on' winter 'around the town/deep in my boots' socks.  You know how I love my snow, and winter, and even my 'smart wool' extra warm socks.  But this pedi bright pink color is not wanting to be hidden any longer.  It begs for flats at least.  Now it's only April so of course there are no sandals but some cute flats would be nice.


This weekend we had some wild weather.  None of it is photographed.  So you'll just have to trust me.  It hailed.  It poured.  Followed the immediate sun and an amazing rainbow.  At school teachers are still comparing their rainbow -caught - on iphone - pictures. Days and days later.

Then Sunday it snowed in the afternoon.  But the sun came out and it almost all melted.


But yesterday, April 4th it snowed from 6am to 5pm. Not heavy. But we did get over 5 inches. There was a 90 minute school delay today (yeah)!

So I guess I'll put the smart wool sock on and shove them in boots. That pedi will just have to wait.


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