Thursday, October 29, 2015

Anna's New Desk

We were searching for a new kitchen table.  And we ended up at a few antique stores.  Although we knew that a desk for Anna was coming soon we weren't looking that day.  Not at all in our heads.

The girls were loving the antique store and were several booths behind us looking at all of the loveliness.  Scott and I turned the corner and when I saw it I gasped out loud (my hands to my mouth) and Scott had the biggest smile.

It perfect in more ways than we could image.

Size ~ tiny for the little space it needed to be in

Colors ~ perfect match to her beautiful room

Style ~ made for her castle painted room

And to top it off, this girl of ours loves vintage and sweetness. (vintage dress, vintage tea cups, vintage tin boxes)  The perfect combination for this desk.


I don't have it all decorated just the way I wanted it but for now the roses added just the right touch




And her chair (that we found in another shop) reminds me of the fairy tale theme in her room.


Love it closed up too


Scott recovered the chair to match her area rug.


We didn't bring home our new kitchen table that weekend but we were all so happy to have found this happy little space for our Anna.


  1. Perfect.
    Just perfect.
    Enjoy, sweet Anna! : )

  2. Perfect! I have been looking for something similar for Juliana...small and yet beautiful and functional.