Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boston... Bit by Bit (day 2)


I'd say we were up and out "bright and early" but that's not true.  The girls slept through Scott getting up, and out the loud door every morning.  After they slept in the girls and I would head down to the breakfast buffet.  Anna was in her glory.  All of the choices... she smiled ear to ear and filled her plate with favorites.  I had to bring Abigail breakfast from the room and even with all of that variety I'd prefer my simple breakfast made just the way I'm used to at home.  Kind of strange, but I love the comforts of home and breakfast is one of them. 

And on this day we took the T with a few changes from the "red line" to the "green line" to the "blue line".  Phew... we made it to the Boston Science Museum


My hands were quite full with all of the bags and because it was a help your girls, hands on museum I couldn't really take too many pictures.  But they sure had fun!


I had to take a "T" picture, although this one doesn't really represent what they are really like.  Mostly underground, about 100 degrees and dirty, yuck!  But fun anyway! 


After the Science Museum I was feeling much more comfortable in the city and using the T that we got off at a different stop. I'd been wanting to go to Boston Commons Park and nearby Boston Gardens. Although I knew this wasn't our "day" for Boston Gardens I couldn't wait for a bit of a stroll through it.

A park frozen lemonade for Anna.


And a lunch picnic on the steps of a church. (yes, I carried all of those lunches and drinks all morning and on a dozen T rides)


I know that it was July in Boston and mid day but we were tired of being freezing and right there on the steps I watched the girls shivering like they would if I dressed them like that and it was October I decided it was time for some jacket shopping.

And we found some along with the highlight of the trip for me!  So we stepped into a story book. 


Straight out of the amazing picture book... Make Way For Ducklings... here I was with my two daughters in the exact park that the story takes place. Be still my heart. Although I knew the book long before my brother bought me a beautiful copy of the book when I was a teacher way back with my first class. Oh how I love that old fashioned book!

We found the swan boats that were an important part in the story (one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip)


Right behind them is the pond!



Although we wouldn't find the statues of the ducks until another day (and a day that was a bit rainy so I only had my little point and shoot camera) it was wonderful to step into a childhood storybook with my daughters that day.

That evening after Scott got out of class we all headed to downtown Boston, Quincy Market for a bit of shopping and site seeing. 



We found the perfect shop for my girls...a bows store.  Rows and rows, jars and jars of mini, tineey, tiny bows.  They were all arranged by colors and we were smitten! 




Abigail was so silly to watch. She kept reaching back for her ponytail to see if the bow matched her hair.



Daddy was a good sport that night.  He pushed the stroller, held all the bags, and even got in on that bow shopping fun! 



And I think the night ended with some "eeny, meeny, miny mo" to finally pick the ones they wanted.

Anther great day in Boston!


  1. I am so enjoying this Tara!! What a wonderful experience for you all...and I feel like I am right there with you. Can't wait for the next one. : )

  2. Love the bow selecting! Serious stuff going on there in that shop! :)

  3. I love the bow store!
    I am enjoying Boston through your pictures. :)

  4. wow, it was cold??:) funny! cut3e little jackets you had to buy on the spur of the moment!

    make way for ducklings...that would have been my favorite part too!:) I just know you were in heaven.

    and yeah for you navigating all those trains...ugh!:)

    have a happy day tara