Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dating You Ten, Eleven, Twelve ~ A Night Away

(I love him)

(music) It's kind of funny that this one date was our last three dates (not like the last three dates of our lives but the last three from this gift, get it?)  Anyway, our summer was a bit hectic and I just couldn't fit in the dates I had planned and wanted to have with Scott.

So I knew that this one had to be a good one with many little dates woven in.  We all know that I'm the worst at leaving my girls.  I actually don't feel whole without them around... and no I don't like that I'm like that but I am...

In order for this to be a good date and to be three dates it had to be a leave the girls over night.

And they sobbed and sobbed about that fact too.  (just kidding)  

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Scott and I didn't go too far, just to the Connecticut shore; to a lovely resort.

Most of the time I didn't have my camera with me and we shot pictures with our phone.

Date Ten: (rats, there was a picture but it's not here) As soon as we arrived we had a bowl of clam chowder and a class of wine here overlooking the water.


This resort had such pretty grounds. It was fun to just walk around and explore. "oh the girls would love this," was all we kept saying.


We sat down by the water and just chilled.  I'm telling you that was a perfect date ten.  A late lunch on the patio of a resort, wine, and sitting by the water.



Date Eleven:  Dinner ~ No pictures but at dusk we sat on the lower patio with a really good band and ate the yummiest seafood meal ever!  We had margaritas and it was FUN!


See that awning?  Now picture dusk and there we were!


It was a super fun night and it was lovely to eat without worrying about bringing out our bagged food for Abigail's allergies. It was nice to have Scott all to myself.  The perfect date eleven... dinner outside, a band, great music, great food, great company!

Date Twelve ~ A Run in the Morning.

I woke up bright and early and Scott mapped out a run for us. Half way was here.


Oh my!


And the other half ended up here back at the shore.


I did it! Twelve dates in twelve months. So the last one was kind of a cheat but it still counts.

Guess what? We're not done! Dating that is... we'll be getting creative and dating each month (taking turns planning this time) forever.

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I promise to share as we go... Happy 41 Scott! I love you!

(those poor girls... they didn't have any fun at all!)  Just kidding!  


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  1. What a beautiful resort! The ocean, wine, seafood and time alone.. I love all the pictures of the two of you, :)
    I too am so bad at leaving the kids. I know Ray and I need to get away but it is hard.