Wednesday, September 10, 2014

After School Snacks

Food is a necessity, Preparing it is an art." ~ Rosie Daley


I am really loving our new school start times this year.  I was so worried that I would be rushed and hurried with two different times but it has all worked out so nicely.

I have to wake Anna up at 6:50 but Abigail... I don't have to wake her up until 7:25.  She's up just in time to give her sister a hug and kiss and then a wave as Anna walks to school.

I like having one on one time with Anna while she's eating breakfast and I like having time with just Abigail while she's eating breakfast.

And then again after school the same thing.  A tiny bit of time with Anna to hear all about her day and then just a short drive home with Abigail alone so she can talk about her day.

Then my girls are back together again.

After school time is snack time here and I love to bake.  Always have, always will.


My love for it really grew out of necessity.  When Abigail was diagnosed with EoE as a baby I had to learn how to bake and cook everything since there is no baked good in any store that she can safetly eat.  And that has really been a blessing in my life.  I find that baking even on the busiest days when I should be doing other 'to dos' calms me down.


And making after school snacks pretty is a joy for me as well.

It might be as simple as cup of strawberries


Or more elaborate like homemade heart scones with orange glaze and honey butter.


We are never lacking for what Abigail has always called "home baked goods" in our kitchen. I am grateful that I found a outlet that allows me to feel grounded, relaxed and feed tummies all at the same time!



  1. ummm...i'll be right there...for a baking lesson...then back again after school for some goodies!:)
    i DID make muffins this morning.
    and i'm hearing chocolate chip cookies calling my name!:) off to bake. no for REAL!!!:)
    have a happy day tara
    you inspired me..again!

  2. I too love baking for my family. It is very calming and rewarding to me.
    Your scones look and sound wonderful.
    I love the beautiful print out you have in the first picture. You always have such pretty banners and framed pieces in your home.

  3. Oh Tara, this is beautiful!
    You make baking beautiful!
    It comes from the heart. : )