Friday, September 5, 2014


Music, because lately I just can't help myself.

lay your head down tonight
take a rest from the fight
don't try to figure it out
just listen to what I'm whispering to your heart

and it feels like the end has started closing in on you
but it's just not true
there's so much of this story that's still left to unfold

and this is going to be a glorious unfolding
just you wait and see and you will be amazed

just hold on to every promise god has made to us
and watch this glorious unfolding

gods plan from the start
for this world and your heart
has been to show his glory and his grace
forever revealing the depth and the beauty of his unfailing love
and the story has only begun
this is just the beginning of the beginning 

God is whispering to my heart that this is only the beginning of my mothering.  Only the beginning.  Only the beginning.  Only the beginning.  So I trust and I walk out his plan for my life.

For fear that if I start typing how I'm grieving my girls growing up and that I just can't keep them little I'll get carried away, I won't.  No tears so far today (for me that is... yesterday was a rough 'is it really over?' crying day) Sometimes letting go and typing my feelings here is a good thing.  I have friends here and they support me.  But gosh, last thing I want this blog to be is a downer.  And today, things were a bit better.  You know, it's really not about 'going back' to teaching.  It's more of hey, what happened?  Wait?  I just want to rock her one more time.  Wait!  What?  They're not babies any more?  God has me where I am and I trust him.  But I'm not going without a few grieving tears.

Some good things in that sweet little elementary school today

 ~ a Kindergartner held my hand.  (little hand in mine... ahh)
~ a little girl pulled me to her backpack to show me a "picture of my baby" I thought she was taking out a picture of a her little brother or sister at home. She pulled out an ultrasound picture.  She pointed and showed me the head, the nose, the tummy, and the feet.  She told me she wanted a baby boy but her mom said she thinks is going to be a girl.  (swoon)

I dumped my ipone pic and have to get there here.  You all know that I'm not a phone camera girl but every once in a while ...

This is how Abigail wears her hair every single day in this heat. Just so I can remember the braid bun I do every morning.


No none loves better than Abigail. Her "last years teacher". She visited her when it was 'meet and greet' for second grade. She would not let go of her first grade teacher. Hugs, kisses, love, love, love. And you know what? It'll be the same next year with the teacher she has this year. She loves well.


Mommy, take this picture. In her second grade classroom. Oh that room is awesome! A very "not busy" red and black theme. Uncluttered, streamline, yet friendly and inviting. Loved!


On our way to 'meet and greet' for second grade


Pizza lunch at the last summer tennis


Grandma and Grandpa come to the pool.  They love my girls well.


Keeping my girls little when we watch shows we 'should have grown out of' but never do!


Daniel Tiger is a big brother!


Back to school cut



And I don't know who took this... it wasn't me. But I almost cried when I saw it. Come back Aubrey and play castle with Abigail, please...


Tea with honey


So next week, I promise no more sappy posts. Back to real life. Really, I think... But I had to give myself this 'first week' to let it all out. Thanks for listening. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. We live Abigail's hair and we love Daniel Tiger, too!! Miss clementine finally decided to play with and name her Bitty Baby after 18 months....naming her Baby Margaret, of course ;)

  2. You know I lve this, right?
    And you. : )

  3. I am so sappy and on the verge or tears lately as well.
    We love Daniel Tiger here as well. I think I may still watch it even when Juliana outgrows it....I did tell here she was not allowed to outgrow it though. :)

  4. you know i get every word right? of course you do!!!
    but you are right...motherhood goes waaaaay beyond where we are right now. they need us still! oh yes they do!!!

    aubrey still talks about that castle!

    riley copied that braid on aubrey the other day

    love those phones...they can capture the small and might have been forgotten...or in my case most every picture these days!!:)

    have a happy day tara