Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend ~ Home is Comfort & Home is a Light, Home is a Peaceful and Ever Full Feeling

One of my favorite songs I've loved forever (this ones for you Billie Jo & Cindy & Kelli & Patty )

As always I take a ton of pictures on Friday and Saturday of our weekend and then by Sunday I don't even pick up my camera.  And poor Anna... I told her that I don't have as many pictures of her because she's always wearing her shirt and just undies (yes, that's true) So on Sunday afternoon she said to me, "mommy, I've been wearing my clothes all day!!!! Where's your camera?!"  Love that!

It was a great weekend.  We had hardly anything on the calendar!!!

But we did...

fix the dryer (you know by 'we' I mean Scott, right?)


And after an early bath on Friday night Abigail loved listening to this book on tape.  I actually put my girls to bed (me too) early on Friday nights.  They are wiped out from the week and the last thing we need on the weekend is to start it off overtired from the week and from a late Friday night.  Early bedtimes on Friday nights makes the weekend so much happier.


And what's a weekend without a bit of this in my mixer?


And this one in the kitchen


Barefoot in the kitchen, my favorite from the weekend



Oh, and so I don't forget she lost the last of her "two front teeth" on Sunday (well, in the middle of the night, sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning)


And I want to remember forever how super awesome Scott has been about me going back to teaching 10 hours a week. After playing tennis on Saturday morning, "what can I do to help?" (my love language)


He spent two hours in that room, scrubbing, cleaning, fixing... (and I can tell you it was already clean.. now it glows)

and then this... be still my heart. My husband with a paint brush in his hand is better than the most expensive dinner out... hands down!!! (oh wait, I don't like to go out!)

Maybe this is my favorite picture of the weekend!!!

7 collage

On Saturday night we visited my brother and his family just 20 minutes away and celebrate Elia's 8th birthday. Kye liked the cake!


And Mass on Sunday was sweet. Our Pastor loves to have the little kids come up for the baptism and STAY on or in front of the alter until communion. (just a little cell picture)


Yes, a good weekend for sure! The weather has cooled off here in Connecticut and so apple decorating is in full swing at our house. And that makes me happy!!!


  1. beautiful weekend
    beautiful family!:)

    same love language here!! no surprise there!:)

    are those mocha brownies?! i need that recipe (and the cookie bars one too...)

    love it all.
    have a happy day tara

  2. Love your life, Tara...
    Your family, your home, your values, your heart.
    And that hubby of yours ain't too bad either!
    Thank you for inspiring me...
    To be a better wife, mother, and homemaker. : )


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