Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Fun to be a Star!

When Anna was just five she got her first library card and the lovely librarian (that we knew well from all of the library mommy and me classes we went to) asked to take a picture.  Well, she sent it to the newspaper and Anna was famous.  And thrilled.

(a picture from right out of her photo album) 

Abigail ALWAYS wanted to be in the newspaper after that.  She was just one and in the stroller back on that picture day but she knew once she was old enough.

This year on the first day of school (flag raising ceremony) the newspaper happened to be at our school.  I didn't know until the photographer came over after and asked for my name and Abigail's name.

And this was in the paper just a few days later.

We decided to surprise Abigail that night.  And it was so worth it.






So she's a star too!  But you know what?  She already was!