Tuesday, September 9, 2014



I took these pictures last week. It was after school and Anna had already done what I thought was too much homework. She was content as could be. (and yes, I'm grateful for that)

And even Abigail was just going to get her viola off of the hook when I said, enough is enough.

I told them to go outside and BE TOGETHER.

You see, all summer these two are inseparable. They are best friends and sisters. And when school came I was just a few days in when I hated that after school was full of responsibilities that kept them apart.


So I told them to stop, put it way and go outside together.


"But mommy, I haven't practiced my viola yet!" said Abigail.

"Go anyway" I told her. (sorry Mr Lee)


Somewhere in my mommy heart I knew that they needed to have time together.

Nothing fancy, just time!


And it heals my heart from all this back to school jazz!

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  1. oh so important to do right!?
    why don't i do it more?!:)
    come on cooler temps and sunshine...we need to get outside!
    have a happy day tara