Monday, September 1, 2014

Adoption Day... 10 Years of Forever

(after Mass on her Adoption day weekend)

Part of me wants to dive deep into that sappy writing I can do.  Those real and raw feelings I hold in my heart for this post.  But if you've followed any of my 'the story of anna' this summer it's just not necessary.

I'll just say this...

We are ten years a family.  We are ten years into forever.

We are grateful.

As Scott said at the end of my 'daughters eyes' video... God's goodness is overflowing.

(oh thank you to my friend my friend.. you have no idea what this meant to us)

Anna please remember today and forever...

You are cherished

You are adored

You are ours.  You are ours.  You are ours.

(For ten years I felt the pull to do something significant with Anna and a photo...)

It doesn't matter that you came to our family in a different physical way than Abigail.  You came in the same way really, through God's holy grace.

You are cherished by us and even more by your heavenly Father.


You are adored

You are ours.  You are ours.  You are ours.


And we love you... all the way to China and back!


  1. Tara,
    I love love love this.
    I love your words.
    I love your beautiful photos.
    Your Anna is a beautiful young lady...
    And she is yours. : )

  2. So beautiful....Anna, your post and pictures.
    Such a blessed family!

  3. such a beautiful day for a beautiful family!
    and those photos of you and anna...priceless!!


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