Friday, August 30, 2013

The Big Birthday Post



It's kind of funny that I'm calling this "The Big Birthday Post".  It was a big birthday in that it was his big 4 -0 one.  But it was just a little party (just the four of us) and he was barely awake for it.  The first two days of school under his belt and he's emotionally, physically, mentally exhausted.  I kept telling the girls during present opening to wake him up.  And you know I love to have BIG parties like this. And this.


You know I adore this one.  Any little girl who looks like that at her daddy... I swoon


But it was still fun, and it was still sweet.  The girls gave him their cards and little gifts they made during the last week of summer vacation.  And a few little things we picked up in Disney World for daddy! 


collage 7



But then mine... Oh I was over the moon excited about this gift.  I heard this song a while back and it got me thinking.  Oh, of how much I love him.  Of how much I'm grateful to be his other half.  And how sometimes I don't always 'choose' him above other things (okay, the girls)  I'm not good at leaving the girls.  I'm really really really bad at it.  Our dates are always at home.  Maybe once a year we actually have a grandparent watch and go out to dinner or something.  And the whole time, whole time I'm hating it.  So really, it's just not worth it.  So we make the best of this home loving girl I am and have date nights after bedtime.  ~ So when this 40th was coming up I knew that I wanted to give him something that was hard for me.  And time, dates away without the girls, that's hard for me. 

So here's the gift. 

collage 1

collage 2

collage 13


And so even though I can't believe that I just got myself into this... 12 dates I'm glad I did it.  Something tells me he doesn't actually believe that this will happen.  Ya see he was there when I was sobbing to come home from my honeymoon in Hawaii because I missed my mom and dad.  But this time I'm going to do it. 


It was the end of the second day of school... pure exhaustion...

One date, once a month. I choose you. I choose you! I really could live by the light in your eyes. I will become yours and you'll become mine. My whole heart will be yours forever. I choose you. I choose you. I am willing and even better, I get to be the other half of you!

PS ~ I told him that there was one condition for these dates.... I get to bring my little camera :)



  1. Happy birthday to your husband and many more! I absolutely love the gift you have planned for him, what a treasure!

  2. Birthday wishes to your hubby! Thoughtful gifts that keep on giving :-)

  3. Tara, what a truly wonderful gift...I could learn a lesson from you...there you go inspiring me again! I know exactly how you feel about leaving and this is a gift that comes straight from your heart...

    Please do take your camera! : )

    Have a great Saturday, dear friend!

  4. Oh Tara I love this idea! I can not wait to see what you have in store each month.

  5. I just knew you would make this big birthday perfect!!:)
    those are gonna be 12 amazing dates!:)
    have a happy day tara