Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cute and Clever Lunchbox Lunches

"The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."  Thomas Moore 

I really should start by saying that all I ever learned about lunchboxes was from Cindy.  Over the years I've seen little pictures here and there of her lunch box creations.  They were filled with love and oh so adorable.

This year when summer was winding down I decided to make lunch boxes fun to put together.  I mean really, deep down they're a 'drag' to make.  Each and every school night.  I wanted to find a way to make it a bit more enjoyable on my part and a bit more fun for the girls to open at school.  So Cindy, my partner in lunch box cuteness and I decided to text pictures to each other if we had a new clever idea.  I need inspiration... that's for sure!

And when I need to motivate myself sometimes I have to buy a few things.  And so this lunch box kit was created.  It sits up on a kitchen shelf and I pull it down every night to make lunches.  It's like inspiration in a basket.  All the supplies I need to motivate myself and make it cute for my girls.

Have I told you yet that every single idea came from Cindy?  (just wanted to make sure!)  So this is what it looks like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night...


And here's a peek and tour inside... are you so excited or what?


These are adorable snack sized reusable bags. They are soft, pretty cloth on the outside and a sort of washable plastic on the inside. I'm convinced Anna could sew these for me. But it was easier to order them this time around.


They hold dry snacks like pretzels or rice cakes. They are such a soft touch from home.

Here are a few of our favorites.



Now these are larger, sandwich sized reusable baggies.




Next are the napkins. When I bought the reusable napkins I told Scott about all the money we'd be saving but both he and I know that I just 'had to have them'.


But sometimes I still use seasonal paper napkins too. I can find them for a $1 a huge pack at Christmas Tree Shops.



Next we're on to the notes.


I used to be the occasional note writer until my sister in law invented these. She sells them on etsy. They are little laminated thick cards. You can use the dry erase marker or just tuck in the note. They come in that cute little clear tin in the back of the picture. Adorable, right?


When Anna was a baby that same sister bought me these mini mini cutters. They're in the basket for making sandwiches mini (Abigail eats them better that way) and for me because she knows I love anything seasonal. I also cut cheese or even pancakes that have been made on the weekend and are ready for lunch box fun! (I think they are pampered chief)


This was the first thing I bought for my lunchbox kit because Cindy had them. They look cute in the kit but she had to text me a few pictures before I figured out how to use them. Think of them like little colorful dividers in a tupperware type container (with a lid). Imagine this because I don't have a picture. You can put a half sandwich on one side of the container and two of these on the other half. Fill them with pretzels, popcorn, carrot sticks, or raisins. The options are endless and it adds color and interest to the lunch!



These are baby version of the regular size. I put sunflower seeds or chocolate chips in them and then 'hide' it under something else in the lunch box. They're so little you have to cover them with another food and make them a surprise, otherwise they spill out.


Oh and these!


This was the big lunch box splurge.


Vintage, darling, really? I mean wouldn't you have bought them if you saw them? There's noting like REAL silverware in your lunchbox.


They're better in person. Trust me!


I bought mini tin lunch boxes for Abigail's snack time in the morning at school. Perfect for not crushing her sweet potato chips.



I mean, honestly, I don't know why I didn't start a cute kit way back when Anna was in elementary school. It's so much better like this. It inspires me to even make homemade heart shaped croutons for her salad.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make lunches... ugh!


  1. I am without words...
    The love that goes into this, my friend.
    I am in awe!
    I adore it .
    Such a touch of home each and everytime your girls open their lunches...
    You are the best.
    And Cindy is indeed inspiring! : )

  2. I love the idea of a lunch basket. I too use the same reusable lunch bags! I printed off several fun lunch notes and jokes to put in lunches..the kids love them.
    Hope you are having a good week!!

  3. Oh how absolutely adorable! So much love going into these, mama! How can your kiddos ever have a bad day at school?

  4. Love this post! I do the same with my girls and include notes for them each day with jokes, fun facts etc. Creates such wonderful memories :-) Have a great weekend!!


  5. you are giving me WAY too much credit my friend!!:)
    cuteness overload here!
    you know i love it all!
    and the cuteness just helps to make the "job" more fun right?!:)
    those bags are just too cute...i need some!
    have a happy day tara

    it's friday

    i've missed a LOT on earlth do yo ufind the time to post so much...i'm strugglin over at "my place":)

  6. Oh my gosh, this has to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen, Tara! Your girls must feel so loved when they eat their lunch. I know I would feel the love if I had my lunch packed like this!