Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beautiful Day

At 4:25 every single morning (except that on Saturday and Sunday it's much later) I walk into this room. To this desk.

I wish I took a picture of the way it looks at 4:25. It's pitch black and I'm holding my tea, my oatmeal in a mason jar and my phone which has an alarm set. I need an alarm because if I had my way I'd spend the first three hours with God as he reveals things to me in His Word.

I must have taken this picture on a day when I cleaned up my desk.  It didn't look anything like this at 4:25 this morning.


I wear my workout clothes because when the alarm goes off it's workout time (most days:)) But I could never ever skip my God time. In fact it's desperately hard for me to leave.

Most days there are three different translations of the Bible going on and four notebooks. I'm messy as I write everything that I want to remember; everything I'm learning.

I heard this song on the way to 'my school' the other day and thought, "hey, I feel just that way!"

Wake up and smile
cuz it's been a while
It's been like a whole day so I could stop
so you could hold me.

This child awaits,
strong in the faith
Lord, you are the refuge
that I can't wait to get to

Cause I can't let a day go
can't let a day go by
without thanking you for the joy you bring to my life

And ohh
there's something about the way
your sun shines on my face
It's a love so true
I could never get enough of
.... it's a beautiful day

I want to remember everything I can about this happy life and my time here is where I turn my day into a beautiful day.  Hands down, it is the most important thing I do every morning.  I can't imagine mothering without my time here.  I am no good without the grace of God in my life.  I know that so I get up.  And these days with my baby teaching job I need more than ever clear direction, clear teaching, guidance and prayer.  I get that here.


  1. I am up early every morning for the same reason. I light a candle, make my coffee and open my book. The mornings this does not happen turn out not to be the best. I NEED this time. I love that it is dark right now when I wake up as well...
    I will think of you when I am up early tomorrow morning. :)