Friday, September 19, 2014

Today Is Beautiful

(French Toast every Friday... because it smells soooo good) 

Today as I drove into my little school.  (wow!  Yes, I can now say "my own little school") it was so so chilly.  Perfectly sunny and oh so chilly.

I wore my brown pencil skirt, crisp white blouse, light pink cardigan, and pearls.  Abigail approves all of my outfits each morning since we get 'ready for school' at the same time.  Anna has just left and we've been to the waving spot where we wave as Anna walks down the sidewalk.  It's 8:00 and I watch... her eyes still big as a harvest moon as I 'turn into' a teacher.  And she tells me each and every morning (with the exception of Wednesday since Wednesdays I stay in my mommy clothes) "you look just like a teacher"  Isn't that cute?

And she prays for me.  I don't want to forget that later in life.  We do our hugs as I buckle her into the car.  She holds around my neck and prays that I won't be confused, that the kids are sweet, and that "we'll be back together in this hug again soon."

Then she's ready for second grade and guess what?  I'm ready for second grade (my little group is second graders)

When I lift my eyes and choose to see it (being a teacher again) in a different light I can feel God leading me, comforting me, telling me you are right where you are supposed to be. 

(Oh, and is there really anything prettier to come home to at lunch time?  Linens drying on a rack in a sunny bedroom window.  No I didn't think so)

Yes, it was fall chilly as I drove in.  Black flats with the big white bows on them walking across the parking lot.  Next month, I thought, I'll have the crunch of leaves under those shoes.

I heard this song on the way home and couldn't wait to start our family fall weekend.  The weather looks perfect for a weekend of nothing.  There's a fall fair nearby.  We might go.  There's Mass.  There are omelets for dinner tonight.  Doesn't that sound perfect?  I think I'll surprise the girls, and we'll have dinner in front of our first fire of the season.  (Oh, please don't tell them that I already lit the fire for lunch time today?)


Wishing you a peaceful, beautiful fall weekend where ever you are.


  1. Beautiful post. I loved that last picture and then chuckled as I just took our swimming suits off of the clothes line from spending a study break at our pool. I love that about our many neat and different things happening at once!

  2. I too have a love for linen drying on reminds me of my grandmother.
    I can just picture you heading off to school in the morning dressed like a teacher. I did. It realize that you were back to work almost full time.
    Can we come for breakfast next Friday....French toast is a favorite here.
    Have a wonderful weekend.