Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Pictures that Have Nothing to Do with the Post

I like to post here as much as I can but I really don't have a 'big' post idea today.  So just some random pictures from my phone like pizza.


And her curl.  She was just up on a Saturday morning and she knows where to find me.


And even this.  Waaaay back in early September.  The girls first viola lessons of this school year.


This Thursday I'm thinking and trying to convince myself that this weekend will be great. But I get that panicked feeling when I look at the calendar. It's a tight, packed one. And you all know by now I don't do tight, packed, busy weekends. It's all good things, but just too many of them in the same weekend. I need TIME in my house to feel grounded. TIME with just the girls and not 'sharing' them with events (even if we're all at an event together)

You know, someone asked me today what I do differently now that I've been a mother longer than when they were babies. What I do differently is doing less. We do less. I need less. If there is more than one 'place to be' on a weekend I cringe. And this weekend has us in something both days from early to late. I will get through. But I'd rather not 'get through'. They are things that we didn't really have a choice about. They weren't things I could say no to. Oh well, Knowing ahead of time helps.  I'll decide to find a quite moment here or there to regroup and be ready.  What do you do when you find yourself with a too busy weekend?

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  1. we are about to embark on too busy of a weekend...but i've decided to eliminate that word from my vocabulary...i'm choosing full instead! sounds nicer right? and there is room for some quality in there if you look for it right?
    i breathe
    breathe again
    then dive in

    try to make what can be easy-easy.
    paper plates
    put chores aside that can be squeezed in till monday
    read to them a lot
    cause if i can fit that in we ALL benefit.
    play good music
    be silly
    be free

    you'll get through this **full** weekend i just know you will!!
    have a happy day tara


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