Monday, April 28, 2014

The Important Stuff... Faith, Family & Food

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I wish I could do the post that I really want to. The one I saw at 10:14 on Easter morning in downtown Hartford. But I can't. Here's why... I love my camera and it's like another arm to me but there are sometimes I get wigged out to take it out. Like at Mass. And that is why I don't have the photos to do the post I really want to do. So I'll try to do it with my words instead. (yes, photos would be better but just bear with me, k?)

We go to the oldest Catholic church in Connecticut. It's awesome. It's beautiful. It's out 'home parish' even though it's not the parish down the street. It's mostly our home parish because it's the one Scott and I 'tried out' the first Sunday we were home from our honeymoon. Here was the order of business for me back then. (to do list, circa 1996)

1. Get married (check)
2. Go on loooong (you waited forever for this) honeymoon (check)
3. Come home and move in that new (okay, really old... but it was darling, romantic, and sweet... looked just like, just like my childhood dollhouse) house together (check)
4. Find a parish to call home (check)

The moment we stepped in we knew we were home. That was 18 years ago (this summer in case you need the details) and we've never left.

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Okay, so there's the history for us and our church.  But here's the post I really wanted to do (minus the photos)

Our awesome pastor like to include the children as much as he can.  He started with Baptisms.  He'd invite all of the children to come up and sit on the floor in front of the alter and watch each Baptism (our baby Baptisms are during the Mass and not separate)  And then it just grew from there.

This Easter he had the children come up and sit around him for their own special homily.  Wonderful.  But then... (here's the part that blows me away) Instead of after the homily was over going back to your parents he invited the children to walk up on to the alter and STAY with him (yes, stay with him up on that holy alter) for the entire consecration and through the entire Mass.  I had tears in my eyes the whole time.  And I so wanted to be up in the choir loft to get a shot looking down at the alter and our pastor surrounded by children as he blessed the bread and wine.  Breathtaking moments....

But I was too chicken to leave my seat, walk all the way down the aisle, up the choir loft stars and take the shot I really wanted.  So I got this crummy one instead.


If you're looking for Anna and Abigail, they're not in the photo since they were on the other side of the alter.  Didn't they know that this camera mama would really have appreciated them walking around near me?  Ha!

Anyway, there's my story and I do love my church.

And here are the rest of the photos from the day...


Pre church



A quick stop by a park

5 collage


Grandma and Grandpas










  1. Tara.
    I can't even.
    I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this.
    But I think you already know.
    Your family is beautiful.
    The love among you four shines right through your photos.
    And you, my sweet friend...looked amazing!
    I love love love your dress!
    Can you hear me screeching?
    Poor Scott and Steve if we ever meet! : )
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day.

  2. Beautiful Easter pictures!! I love your dress, btw. Just darling! And those Peter Rabbit cupcake toppers ...oh my goodness. Double darling!

  3. Tara I love your dress! And the vintage looking cupcake toppers oh my. It looks like you had a magical day spent with loved ones.

    The church we go to is a newer Catholic church 25 years old. I miss the church I grew up going too was one of the oldest Catholic Churches in the area and it is beautiful! We try to visit any chance we have.

  4. Lovely Easter photos and beautiful story about your parish. Thank you for sharing!