Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Sun is Setting

We headed to Maine and my new favorite town this past weekend. We had perfect weather... the last hurray of summer. It was chilly in the morning; just perfect for a sweater and warm in the sunny afternoons. Ahh!

An evening photo shoot with the girls on the beach was the only thing of my agenda. We walked along 'Marginal Way' (cliffs with ocean below) to the beach. At one point the girls were a bit ahead of us and we saw them climb down some stairs toward the ocean. There was a railing and all looked okay. Scott headed down with them and all of a sudden I noticed that the last bottom stairs were all wet. The moment it registered to me that the waves were hitting the stairs the girls were on a pretty big wave came up to the step and knocked Abigail off her feet! Luckily Scott was in reach and grabbed her quickly. I'll have to say that my heart was pounding. It all happened so fast and all was well but I was shaken up and Abigail was crying. Mostly because her shoes and socks were soaked along with her dress and underwear.

With the shoes too wet to wear I carried her about almost a mile down the rest of the walk, through town, and down to the beach. Luckily we had these dresses in my bag for the photo shoot and were able to change Abigail.

But by the time I started taking these I was a bit worn out. But the girls didn't mind. Once their feet hit the sand they were oh so happy, silly, and having fun!

abigail 2

abigail 3
(love her hands here.  I can tell she's singing)

abigail 4

anna 1

anna 2

anna 3

anna 4

anna 5

sisters 1

sisters 2

abigail 1

sisters 3

sisters 4
(watch how Anna does this thing with flicking the sand in her foot and then Abigail coppies her... love that)

sisters 5

sisters 6 b w

sisters 6 color

I'm feeling a bit behind everthing around here so this post has all of the pictures from that beach photo shoot but I realize that the writing is not that interesting...  better next time :)

sisters 7

Perfect way to start our weekend... more to come!


  1. Ok Tara...where to begin? I have always wanted to go to Maine...Always! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. And may I add...they are awesome! I love, as I may have mentioned, matching dresses! And especially those ones!

    I can just see the love between your girls beaming right through. Can't wait to see the rest! Go ahead and get caught up on laundry and groceries first... : )

  2. i LOVE Maine! I hope you had a lobster roll. :)
    gorgeous photos of the girls!

  3. we have never been to maine but we really need to go now! such beauty:) will you meet us there?!?!:)
    i love these pictures tara.
    your girls are beautiful and such good friends.
    have a happy day