Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The New Normal

Although I thought that my life was ending sending my youngest off to Kindergarten I have some news...

I'm Still A Mom!!!!

"For real, I'm not kidding" (as Abigail says)  No one came knocking of the door on that first day of school and took my mommy liscence.  And I was actually shocked! 


Yes, those two girls are gone from our home for too too many hours each day.  And yes, I'd still rather have a baby on my hip.  And yes still, I get a knot in my throat every single morning saying goodbye to both of them. 


They come home.  Along with backpacks waiting to be emptied. Homework needs help.  Viola practice sitting with them is x2 now that Abigail has started.  Dinner still needs to be made.  Laundry done.  Cooking more.  Ironing Scott shirts, and on and on and on. 


I have not for one second thought, "what should I do with all of this time?" 

And ya know what?  I didn't think I would.  I'm a busy bee (as Scott says) and this time when they're in school just allows me just a tad more time to get it all done.  I love more than anything in the world being Scott's wife and Anna and Abigail's mom.  I am so grateful that my life revolves still around that.  Oh how I love taking care of my three favorite people.  (glasses cover up all the wrinkles... need a hat to cover up the roots that need to get done)


By the time I grocery shop, and cook and clean, it's time to go get my girls.  And that... that makes me happy. 

I pulled Anna out of school this week during her lunch and recess hour.  We had a picnic outside and it was wonderful.  (thanks Cindy for always sharing your picnic during the school day ideas)  (PS ~ Pictures tell a thousand words... Anna doesn't usually look this happy and relaxed.  I can usually see her daily anxiety in every picture.. not this one!) 


  1. I love this Tara! Hooray for you! I am so happy for is like you almost start your day over when they get home isn't it? The homework and papers and after school is so fun! I love that you love being a wife and mother too! It is my calling in life, and I see it is yours as well. We are truly blessed. Enjoy that beautiful family Tara!

  2. "they didn't come take my liscense away"! that had me cracking up but it's true...we are still moms!:) just in a different way and on a slightly different timetable...but still moms nonetheless.:)
    and boy when that afterschool hour hits we KNOW it don't we? things start hoppin then and it is all systems go!!! lvoe that kind of chaos. (most days!)
    i am so glad you took anna out for a picnic lunch yesterday. it's a little slice of heaven right in the middle of your day isn't it. aubrey and i have been going every thrusday and alternating girls each week. do you think abigail could "handle" it or would it just make her too sad to have to say goodbye to you again. it was hard on janey somedays. hope you continue this tradition.
    and i am so glad you are filling your time with the things you love! pretty soon you might just "enjoy" some of that quiet time just...a teeny tiny bit!!!:) haha
    have a happy day tara

    billie jo fixed her "no-reply blogger" thing and we are chatting like crazy...we want to chat with you too.:) she told me to tell you, if she can do it you can do it!!!:)