Sunday, September 2, 2012

The First Day of School (part 1)

It's been a whirlwind for sure since that first day of school.  I was oh so worried about my little one going off to Kindergarten but I've been so occupied with issues related to school that I haven't had a chance for it to all sink in.   

I've been wanting to get to these pictures for so long.  The new computer (lightning fast) is up and running.  I'm in love with it!  Anyway, it's time to post these and possibly process some feelings. 

Two parts for sure since there were two first days of school.  Anna's first day of school was Abigail's visit with mommy day.  It was great to ease into a first day for her. 

But before the first day of school we kept finding these kinds of notes all over the house. 

annas note

annas note 2

Yeah, summer is great Anna!  My heart breaks for my nine year old who has such a hard time with transitions. 

We woke up bright and early that first day. I had to get two girls ready and out the door. I know for sure that I'll miss having Abigail in her jammies during that drive to school.

Anna was happy and relaxed until I looked over at her at breakfast and tears were coming down her face. She was scared.

I moved her through it as quickly as I could, and these pictures distracted her. It was a chilly, perfect day of school, morning. Anna wearing her traditional red to honor her birth country, China.

anna 1

Boy, she's come a long way...

anna k

I had a little surprise for Anna that morning. I was so excited to give her this matching bracelet. I wear mine all of time and I wanted Anna to have a smaller version to match me on special occasions. I thought that this was the perfect day. I'm always looking for little things to "match" Anna since, well, we don't. I hear over and over how much Abigail looks like me. I want Anna to have special things that look like me. She was oh so happy.

anna 2

There's my happy girl; tears gone!

anna 3

Oh I love China eyes!

anna 4

There was a breakfast note from Daddy and a lunchbox card from mommy.

notes 2

notes 1

And all the while I was getting my five year old wearing a size 3T dress ready for her visit to Kindergarten. I didn't spend too much time on pictures of Abigail that morning since her real first day would be the next day. Man, could I go through these nerves two days in a row?

abigail visits 1

We headed to school and Anna found a friend right away, phew! (excuse the blur... I was so thrilled that she found her friend that I had the wrong settings)

outside 3

And we found her line and teacher. Darling, wonderful teacher... again...

outside 6

Fourth grade? Really?

outside 7

We listened to speeches, had the flag ceremony, and music. All this time I was standing with Anna in line... in this sea of back to schoolness

outside 5

outside 2

while Abigail decided to find a shady spot and sit on the curb.

outside 1

Anna walked in to marching music on the speakers. Happy and upbeat (the music, that is)

outside 4

And Abigail and I walked into the Kindergarten doors for an hour visit together.

More coming tomorrow!


  1. Good Morning Tara! Oh where to start? So much to love in this post! I love love love the bracelet you gave Anna. And that you have that very special meaning behind it ... What a wonderful mother you are! I love her dress as well! I am with you about having to get two ready in the morning. Steve takes the littles to school in the morning, and it is so nice to have Flynn ride along in her jammies! The first day of school I got her dressed to go in with Rhett, and I about broke a sweat trying to get them all ready and out the door!

    Your first day of school activities look wonderful! Anna looks so happy and I am so happy that she found her friend right away. That makes it so much easier. (on mommy too!) And how great that it was a "back to school" feeling morning. I love when it feels like fall on a school day! Your pictures are amazing as well! Have a great day!

  2. you made it!!!:) these pictures are so beautiful tara! the color is so crisp!! love!
    and speaking of love...that bracelet is just the sweetest gift ever and the thought behind it, even sweeter. i know anna will treasure it forever.
    those notes she wrote were so heartbreaking. why oh why can't they just stay home with us forever huh?:)
    and i love scott's note too..."smile and say hi back"...perfect advice.
    and that first day of school flashback photo...goodness!
    and i love how they all walk in to upbeat music. perfect start to a scary day. do the girls go to scott's school?
    and abigail sitting on the curb. that was a prieless moment captured.:)
    (is this the jumpiest scatteriest comment ever or what?!?!:))
    so glad the first day was a success.
    on to read parts 2 and 3!
    have a happy day tara