Monday, September 17, 2012


It was a good weekend... and the girls are home with me today.  The schools in our town are closed for the Jewish holiday.  This weekend we enjoyed the amazing weather.  Oh I love this windows open, not hot, not cold weather.  And we...

brought the girls for their first indoor tennis lessons for this school year
Anna had art school on Saturday morning
I had to attend a parent meeting for Abigail starting Viola this year (their are 6 of them, ugh)
hung out at home
little one caught up on sleep


went to Wades, our little  mini country store to bring home bushels of 'grown there' produce (oh the tomatoes... just like from my Grandpa's garden)
did Saturday jobs without the girls.


Abigail had a little cold and a low fever so she rested in bed while Anna entertained her

reading to anna

went to Mass and the "blessing of the backpacks"




cooked and ate yummy dinners
and baked
and watched 'baby movies' as our Saturday jobs prize.  The ones we watched were of Anna as a 'just kindergartener' and Abigail as a 'just walker'.  Happy memories.  (oh and we watched Anna's first day of Kindergarten.  So glad I thought to video tape her morning way back then from breakfast to walking into school.  Boy, I thought Abigail was struggling.  She's nothing compared to frightened to death Anna was way back then.  Anna was gripping my legs and literally shaking all over. The look in her eyes and the tears down her cheeks; it was terror for her.  So I feel all better about Abigail.  Abigail is nothing compared to where Anna was in those beginning days.  So glad it all works out eventually.)

Oh and Abigail bringing her 'All About Me' poster to school last week.  I love how she has to put out her foot in such a little girl pose when the camera comes out. Makes me smile as I notice it today. 

all about me poster

Little story about the 'all about me'... I had a bunch of pictures printed for Abigail to choose from. When we were choosing pictures and laying them out on the poster she said, "but there's no picture of Eosinophilic Esophogitis!!! I HAVE to have a picture of that. That's all about me!" (all happy and certain). Of course that was not one of the pictures that I printed out. So I went throught her scrapbooks and ripped (ouch) out a picture of her in the hospital from one of her endoscopies. Precious little girl who is proud of one part of her life.


  1. What a nice family weekend Tara...I hope your little one is feeling better. And I agree about the perfect weather...not too hot or cold! I love the Blessing of the Backpacks! We don't have that in our church...yet! : ). Enjoy having your littles home today!

  2. sorry abigail wasn't feeling well. hope she is back to her smily self today.:) and that drop off went well?!?!:)
    i love the light airy feel of their rooms.
    have a happy day tara


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