Sunday, September 2, 2012

The First Day of School (part 2)

I wrote about part one here. One to part 2

Abigail's Kindergarten visit was so much fun! 


She colored.


She cut.



She listened to a story.


She played.


And then when it was time to go we took a walk down the fourth grade hallway to sneak a peek at Anna in her classroom.  I wanted to but I just couldn't stick my camera in and take a shot. 


We stopped at the nurses office.  Abigail will be spending a lot of time with this sweet lady with her allergies. 


And then we got to go home... ahh! We changed, relaxed, had a snack, and then got ready because it was daddy's birthday!

daddy 2

It was Scott's first day of school at his school, Anna's first day of school, and Abigail's visit Kindergarten day. Not the best timing on his birthday... but we tried to make it special anyway.

I love how happy and relaxed Anna is here... first day done!

daddy 1

Looming in the back of my mind of course was what was to come the next morning... Abigail going to school. Butterflies for sure!


  1. What a day Tara! And you did it!Abigail looks so sweet and very relaxed in her room! I just love kindergarten rooms, don't you? I love that picture of Anna too. She is sooo happy! And just when did you find time to make that delicious looking cake! You were successful in making a super special day for all 3 of them! Have a great day, Tara. And again, your pictures are great! You and Cindy are amazing with those cameras!

  2. Ok, sorry Tara...I was just reading this again and realized I really need to give the exclamation point on my keyboard a break! There I go again... Sorry :)

  3. ok...just got my question answered...scott is at a different school...bummer!:(
    i loved seeing abigails k room. i remember those morning messages and all those books!!! i think i might cry...ok...only kidding...those days will come again!:) haha
    what a sweet first day and so lucky it was only a short visit. i hope she has made friends and is enjoying every minute of it.:)
    and happy birthday to scott!!
    have a happy day tara

    love that happy picture of anna too, you can almost feel the exhale:)