Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love Is the Maine Ingredient

(I started my Maine pictures back here.)

Isn't that a clever title?  I stole it.. right off the tees that the waiters were wearing in our favorite breakfast place! 

I think one of the best parts of getting away is seeing moments like these. Best friends just holding hands all of the time!

holding hands

spoiled rotten

Cute little town.  Great scenery, great shops, great food!


collage bridge

collage bridge 2

lobster parking


lobster boat

Little tea shop by the sea.  Anna is showing her magic trick she bought at a little toy store. 

tea collage

While Scott and I sat a little bistro table... not a bad view!

looking over

Later that afternoon we headed to play on the beach.  And it was COLD!  I kept trying to get more and more layers on the girls. 

digging collage

But they didn't seem to mind the cold. 

abi smiling

And when Scott took them around the corner to a little low tide area they took their dresses off and played in the water in bathing suits.  Burr! 

low tide collage

low tide 3

low tide 4

An evening in town. 


Anna loves shopping with me!


While Abigail feel asleep in an umbrella stroller that is way too small for a 5 year old but were happy to have it. 


As soon as she falls asleep Anna knows she has the 'green light' for ice cream!  What will I do when Abigail doesn't crash on our vacations? 

ice cream

On our last day Grandma treated us all to a boat ride.  It was perfect weather.  And as soon as the motor started this was Abigail... for about an hour and a half. 

abi starting to sleep

My Mom holding her for the entire trip. 


And this was Anna the whole time!

anna with camera



Diptych 3

The scenery was spectacular but the best part for me was sitting next to my girl!  (getting windy and chilly)


It was only two nights but it felt like longer.  Memories we'll hang onto all winter long!  Abigail will remember cookies by the heated outdoor pool, sleeping with Anna, Grandma holding her while she slept, digging on the sand, and Grandpa's 'make up stories'. 

cookies by the pool

daddy reading

Anna will remember the special breakfast restaurant, Grandma buying her the lobster that she saw when we went to Maine in August, playing make believe with Abigail ever single second, good food, the little patio at our hotel, the indoor pool. 


I'll remember the sweet moments mixed in with the ones that are hard for me when I travel.  Food/restaurants/Anna's issues are always front and center when we travel but I'm getting better. 

breakfast 2

Sweet memories with my parents and brother who traveled with us. 


Love is the Maine ingredient. 



  1. Hi Tara...what beautiful photos of a wonderful trip! I so enjoyed looking through them. It looks like you all had a great time. Traveling with your parents is always so special, especially for the littles! I am going to share these pictures with Steve in hopes he will take us north instead of south sometime!

    Well, time to start bedtime routines... Have a great evening, friend. : )

  2. i want to go away!!! in fact, when i first read this post yesterday i told dave we really need to get out of town!!! i want someplace different and cool to take pictures of!:)
    looks like you all had such a wonderful time.
    i can't believe abigail falls asleep so easily! sweet little thing.
    and that shop that you and anna visited...LOVE!
    thanks for sharing these memories.
    have a happy day tara


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