Thursday, September 6, 2012

Snapshots from the Weekend

Usually our town doesn't start school until after labor day.  But this year I loved starting just before labor day. It gave the girls a short week of school and then a LONG weekend.  Long weekends are the best; and Scott and I didn't want to do anything but have fun as a family. 

We packed in a whole lotta summer into the last weekend of summer, and it felt great just being together all weekend.  Our fall programs and extras haven't started up yet so it was a totally free weekend... ahh!

The girls got a little gift for finishing their first week of school.



The next morning we headed to the pool for the whole day.  Relaxing poolside and having fun playing ping pong with daddy.

(Abigail pretending to read a book she grabbed off of Anna's bookcase... The Long Winter... hope that's not a sign)





Sunday after church we headed out for a hike.  It was perfect weather to discover a new hiking spot.  I think it was a bit more than Abigail could do... but she did it!  All the way to the top!

It's fun to discover new things together.  Especially when we had homemade chocolate chip cookies at the top!  :) 




Scott and I love hiking on trails. We often went hiking when we were in college. No money of course... we'd find trails, hike to the top, and talk for hours. We'd decide what kind of parents we'd be, dreamed about our home one day together, what kind of a life we'd create... good stuff!



We decided that since we live near so many beautiful hiking spots that we're going to take advantage of it as often as we can. Oh it feels good to be all together away from everything!


An early morning bike ride with daddy.  Anna and I read together while they were on their little adventure.



On Monday we headed to my parents for an awesome labor day picnic. 



Grandpa goes all out with the activities.  Grandma goes all out with the food. 

(rolling down the hill)

(soaking from the hose)




Scott giving my Dad a hand building the biggest, longest, fastest slip and slide ever!








I baked my first apple pie for the fall to bring along. 



I can't believe that it's almost the weekend again.  I just can't seem to get into a routine around here.  I thought for sure by now I'd be on my way to having the girls caught up with their photo albums.  I never imagined that the days would slip by so quickly.  We've had a few bumps in the road with Abigail and her allergies in Kindergarten so that's kept me stressed and busy for sure.  I found that when I'm not in the school trying to resolve all of this or on the phone with the nurse I'm just cooking.  I do love cooking and baking but that's all I've done so far.  Just the regular everyday normal stuff.  Cook, plan meals, shop for ingredients, cook some more, laundry, and rush through my cleaning so that I can soak in my girls when they are home.  I feel so blessed that I'm still home doing the 'job' I love... taking care of my family. 


  1. Good morning, Tara. What a wonderful long weekend you all had...I love the school presents! And your family time together looks soo fun. Long weekends with no activities are the best!

    Have a great day, Tara. Oh... one more thing! Your apple pie! I'll bet it tasted as good as it looks!

  2. oh your parents are sooooo fun!!!:)
    ok...i must admit abigail made me take a second look with the long winter book!!! haha that is sweet how much she wants to be like her big sister!:)
    so glad you got Sincerely!! riley thought that was soooo cool! (we got the toon telligan (sp?) book from the library too!)
    your hike sounded and looked like such a great day. nothing quite like being outside to bring everyone together.
    have a happy day tara


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